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  • Commissions Terms and Conditions

    Before bidding or purchasing a commission, you must read and agree to the following terms:

    Items in the AnthroDynamics' Commission Marketplace are provided by third-parties. AnthroDynamics, LLC. (AD) provides the AD Commission Marketplace as a convenience to our users. AD makes no warranty or claim to the fitness of commissions purchased from the AD Commissions Marketplace. Any funds collected are done so on behalf of the artists of the commissions advertisement. Each artist works at their own pace, and AD does not guarantee a time-frame of when a commissioned work will become available. Commissions purchased from the marketplace are not supported by AD. AD is not responsible for, and you agree to hold AD harmless from, any possible issues between the purchasing user and the commissioned artist.

    Please note that AD does not provide support, but may act as a moderator between two parties at it's discretion. If a user or an artist have exhausted all other methods, they may file a dispute in the Dispute Center, or file a support ticket through AD's Support Ticket system.


Important Information

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