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Update 4.4: An Early Look

Hello all!! I have a few quick announcements for Update 4.4, and I hope you'll enjoy these changes.
Performance Improvements
In 4.4, we're going to be enabling support for Lazy Loading. This will cause pages to load more smoothly as assets further down the page won't load until they come into view. Should help to improve loading times site-wide. Furthermore, we'll be improving non-image attachments to posts, providing more details about the downloads (such as download count, type of download, etc.). The letter avatars, for those who haven't uploaded an avatar yet, will be swapped to an SVG from the current image. This should be faster to render as well, since avatars are called in a lot of areas of the site.
Other notable improvements:
Duplicate Clubs query removed from activity streams. Notifications and follower management will see an improvement (Hope to have more on this in a bit, this is provided from the CMS) Member search speed should be a bit better. PHP performance improvements, to help with site speed.  
Hopefully more to come soon, stay tuned!

Update 4.3.5

Hello all, update 4.3.5 is around the corner. With it are coming some bug fixes, minor edits, and some other various and sundry items. Currently in beta, but expected release in about a week or two.
Core - Search & Activity Streams:
Improved searching for phrases (when the search term is wrapped in quotes) when using Elasticsearch. Fixed creating activity streams on front-end. Fixed duplicate topics showing in some streams if using Elasticsearch and posts/comments have been split. Fixed error being logged when accessing an invalid page number of paginated results when using Elasticsearch. Fixed a typo in the Elasticsearch "Analyzer" setting description. Core - Social Promotion / Our Picks:
Fixed reputation information sometimes missing from replies to status updates and from topics on the "Our Picks" page. Fixed missing CSS if "Our Picks" is the community's home page causing missing images. Fixed promotion occurring at wrong time if scheduled to occur at midnight † Core - Posting:
Fixed edit being lost if the edit triggers the URL or word filter. Fixed issue where attachments may be rejected if URL filter is set to reject all URLs. Core - UI:
Fixed height of blocks in some grids. Fixed missing Tumblr icon in email footer. Fixed W3C validation error. Core - Clubs:
Fixed possible error when editing a club. Fixed price not showing correctly for paid clubs which do not have a renewal term. Core - Misc:
Updated CKEditor to 4.10. Fixed URL input fields not handling the value correctly if a "?" is immediately after the domain without any path. Fixed disabled reaction types showing in the reputation summary on user's profiles. Fixed it being possible to add a member back into a personal conversation after they've left by accessing the URL directly. Changed the "next" link which shows on mobile on the last page of a paginated table which, although disabled, points to a page that doesn't exist which was reported to trigger an error on some SEO diagnostics tools. Changed the online user list cutoff when using Redis to be consistent with when not using Redis (30 minutes). Forums:
Changed the permission check when viewing all topics created by a member to if the viewing user can see the forum they are in, rather than if they can view the topic† Commerce - Subscriptions
Fixed reactivating a previously expired subscription not moving the member back into the correct group. Fixed transferring a subscription from one member to another. Fixed duplicate subscriptions being created if member generates multiple orders for Subscriptions before paying and then pays more than once. Fixed broken record showing in the list of subscriptions if a member with a subscription is deleted. Fixed handling of subscriptions when merging two members. Commerce - Support
Fixed incoming emails not being received if the email was CC'd to the support system rather than sent directly. Fixed merging two accounts not reassigning ratings/feedback on support request replies. Commerce - Misc
Fixed entering a coupon a code may redirect user back to the first step of the checkout process. Fixed error caused by history logs for an alternate contact which has been deleted. Pages
Fixed error on "create item" page if the database is on the community's home page. Fixed attachments to editor fields in databases not being saved correctly. Gallery
Fixed error when editing a video in Gallery which does not have a thumbnail uploaded. Fixed URLs for video thumbnails in the XML sitemap. Increased maximum size of image descriptions to prevent value being cut off. Marketplace
Fixed possible duplicate notifications for Marketplace files. Literature
Fixed error viewing the literature comments a member has made from their profile. Fixed possible duplicate notifications for Story entries. Removed name of story from the header of each entry when viewing a specific story. Calendar
Fixed issue where recurring events may show in wrong timezone. Fixed error when editing an event to remove the end time.

AnthroDynamics, GDPR, and You

What is GDPR? How does it affect AD?
GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of that personal data outside of the EU. However, there are certain points that should be noted, and we'll discuss those. You have individual rights when it comes to your account and data, the two primary of these being the Right to be Informed and the Right to Erasure.
The Right to be Informed
Encompasses our obligation to provide "fair processing information", which you can find in our Privacy Policy. Emphases the need for transparency over how we use your personal data. The Right to Erasure
The broad principle here is the right to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. We will always inform you of any changes to our Privacy Policy, either by email, social media, forum post, or private message. Any changes to that policy will have a waiting period before they go into effect, which will be announced along with the changes. The key phrase in the right to erasure is "Where there is no compelling reason for it's continued processing". In other words, yes, we can delete and remove your account, unless there is a need for us to retain your details. For example, to comply with tax codes (from financial transactions). AnthroDynamics will use a system of account deletion that will leave most Text-based content, but remove the Gallery Images associated with that account if no transactions exist.
Lawful Bases for Processing
We feature a setting to not automatically opt-in to administrator emails, such as newsletters. You can always edit your Notifiication settings to be able to opt in or out of these administrator emails, as well as any and all other types of notifications. When we change our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service, our system will automatically ask you to accept them again.
We store a small amount of data in cookies. These are used to authorize user accounts when you re-visit the community. Other cookies are used to provide a service at the user's request, such as changing the Theme.
Why go through all of this?
GDPR is all about being a good steward of the stored data of our users. Note that there is no requirement under the GDPR to delete or remove any information sent to the server by our users. While we do offer you the option to delete your account to comply with the Right to Erasure, it will be at our discretion if we remove all user-submitted content from that account, with the remainder being anonymized. The analogy with this is that it's similar to email: once someone sends you an email, you aren't obligated to delete that email. The same is true of user posted content. Ultimately though, we want our users to feel comfortable in using our services, knowing that their data is ultimately theirs.

Layout Changes

Just a quick one today, not really for new features but more for homepage layout and whatnot. We've removed the "Popular Contributors" block in favor of a block of latest journal entries. We've also swapped the Swiper Slider on our different themes to an actual application, so that the themes no longer update their sliders separately (More work for us ._.). So now there'll be consistency there (Also, now I won't chew myself out when I forget to add the "new" sliders onto the other themes...). A few other minor changes will be noted below as well.
Twitch.tv embeds are finally enabled! Still working on Picarto (Sorry, their API is kinda terrible). Some blocks on the home page were updated with a "Show More" button. (Ok ok, namely the Dev Blog and the new Journals block....sue me.) Two more themes are in the works, but uh....they're not quite ready to roll out yet. So there. Have that. Small update is small, but an update nonetheless. If you all have any questions, suggestions, or comments, you're always free to post them in the Q&A Forum. 
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    • By Kindar in Missing Son 1
      The Missing Son 50
            Patrick stayed in the shower after his father left. He needed some time alone to process this revelation. He went back over his meetings with Damian. First in the car, then during his visit, the parking lot and his birthday. Thinking back on them, Patrick definitely saw a calculating aspect to the encounters, and it made him wonder if the first one was the accident Damian claimed.
            While that scared him, for what could have happened, yesterday in this bathroom worried him. Damian had something in mind for him, that was certain, why else say 'I haven't decided'.
            He didn't feel much better about his uncle, but he got the sense everyone in his family had mixed feelings about him. Aaron and Adam had to, because as strong as their emotions were about him, he had seen both of them have sex with their uncle during the orgy.
            Dried, he opened the door and the smell of food reached him, then the sounds out conversation and cooking. His entrance in the kitchen was met with cheers.
            "He survived the orgy!" Alex said.
            "He can't deny it anymore," Aiden added, "he's an Orr."
            "I am, and you better get used to it." Patrick grinned. Looked like everyone was awake and ready to eat. No, not everyone. "Where's Damian?"
            "He left a while ago," Dominic answered. "It was still dark."
            Patrick canted an ear.
            "Someone woke me when they sat on my crotch and rode it."
            "That was me," Anakin said "You were hard, my ass was hungry. You didn't complain."
            "it was six eighteen," Aiden said. "I was snuggled up against him and he woke me when he stood."
            For a moment Patrick wondered how his brother knew that precisely, there were no clocks in the living room, and he hadn't worn a watch during the orgy. then he remembered Aiden always knew what time it was. A useful talent for a musician.
            "He probably had a meeting," his father said, placing a plate of eggs on the table. They vanished while Patrick watched.
            "Can I help with something?" Patrick asked.
            "Yes, you can sit down and help eat the food. me and Donny can handle the cooking." Daniel replaced the plate of eggs with pancakes. half of them were gone before Aaron pulled the plate out of the other's reach and offered it to Patrick, who took two of them as he sat.
            The choices of topping for the pancake were strawberry jam, citrus marmalade, chocolate spread, caramel, butter, ketchup and honey.
            Ketchup? Patrick watched as Arthur grabbed the bottle and poured some on the end of his rolled-up pancake. Patrick shuddered as his brother happily ate it.
            Everything else had a knife in it. Seemed it was all spread and eat. He spread caramel on it and rolled it. He moaned as it melted on his tongue and garnered looks.
            "Sorry, that's really good caramel."
            "It's made locally," his father said. putting another plate of eggs on the table. "A couple drives by once a month to sell what they've made."
            Patrick snatched one of the poached eggs before they all disappeared and put it on his other pancake. He had half a dozen eggs, and five pancakes by the time he was done eating. he tried all the toppings, even the ketchup, that was as bad as he thought it would be.
            "So, are we going back to the orgy?" Patrick asked.
            He was stared at. "Are you still horny?" Dominic asked.
            Patrick shrugged. "Not really, but I don't know how this normally goes."
            "Not like this," Adam said, then stuffed the rest of his pancake in his mouth.
            "Yeah, this one is going in the history books," His father said. "You brought out the horny monsters in all of us."
            "Okay, then how does it usually go?"
            "The orgy starts after the public birthday party ends and last until we fall asleep in the early morning."
            "Okay so what happens then?"
            "Well, I'm not doing anything strenuous," Arthur said. "I might not even be able to stay awake much longer after all this food."
            "What time is it?" Patrick asked.
            "Two forty-nine," Aiden answered.
            "In the afternoon?"
            "Shit. I should probably think about heading home. I'm not working tonight, but my mom's going to wonder where I've been."
            "She doesn't know?" Arthur asked.
            "No, she would freak if she knew I was here having sex with my family."
            "You could have told her you were just visiting."
            "It's his decision what he tells his mother, Arthur," their father said.
            Patrick thought about explaining it to them, but he didn't know where to start, or even how to go about doing it.
            "Just let me know when you're ready to go," Alex said, "I'll drive you."
            * * * * *
            Patrick woke when the car stopped. He looked around, trying to figure out why he was in a car.
            "You're home," Alex said.
            Right. "Sorry for falling asleep."
            "Don't worry about it. We've had years to build up our stamina. I'm amaze you were able to last the duration."
            "I was having too much fun, and I was afraid that you'd keep fucking me while I was asleep. I didn't want to miss anything." Patrick opened the door. "You want to come in?"
            "Isn't you mother home?"
            "Maybe." Patrick paused. "I don't care. I'm just showing the house to my brother, if she has a problem with that might has well find out now."
            "Are you going to tell her you were visiting us?"
            "I should, Arthur's right."
            "He usually is."
            "But I told her I was working and then hanging out with friends. I don't know how she'll feel about being lied to."
            Alex locked the car. "How is she going to feel about it when she finds out later?"
            "Why would she find out?"
            "Stuff like this has a habit of coming out. It's best to keep the lying for the important things."
            Patrick nodded. "Damian told me something like that too."
            "Yeah, he'd pretty big on being honest."
            "Mom?" Patrick called as he entered. No response. "She must still be at the diner. come on in." He put his jacket on the rack.
            Alex looked in the living room as they walked by it and stopped. "Fuck, you weren't kidding when you said your mom was religious. I don't think I've seen this many Christian symbols, like ever."
            "Yeah, mom holds onto her faith pretty hard." A few steps more and they were at Patrick's bedroom.
            Alex looked down the corridor. "Fuck, my room's bigger than your house."
            Patrick laughed.
            "What's so funny?"
            "The first times I went to your house, I used mine to compare. Six of it fits in your garage, three in your living room. The kitchen is two. most of the bedrooms are one." He opened the door to his room. "Sorry about the mess."
            He'd cleaned up a little before leaving, but there were still dirty clothes on the chair and in the corners. His bed wasn't made, not that he cared about that.
            "I wouldn't worry about it. You've been in Aaron's room, right?"
            Patrick had, but he didn't think it had been that cluttered, although that might be because there was so much more space. He turned to face his brother and started unbuttoning the dress shirt he was wearing.
            Alex chuckled. "You're horny again?"
            "I'm an Orr, we're always horny. I want to have sex with you."
            Alex raised an eyebrow. "You already had sex with me."
            Patrick shook his head, taking the shirt off his brother. "No, that was me having sex with the entire family. I want to know what it's like to have sex just with you now."
            Alex helped Patrick undress, then they kissed, their hands roaming along each other's bodies. Patrick twisted so his brother fell on his bed, and he bent between his legs. running his hands on his chest, stomach and legs.
            They were both hard, Alex's cock was a little smaller and thinner than his. He sucked it as he rearranged himself on the bed and they sixty-nined each other. They snuggled for a few minutes, then Alex topped him.
            His brother was an energetic top, and vocal. Patrick had to kiss him to keep him quiet. The house didn't have the insulation Alex's had, and he worried the neighbors might hear. Of course, as careful as he'd been to keep Alex quiet, Patrick was the one who shook the wall when he orgasmed from topping his brother.
            They had a good laugh about it, then talked for a few minutes. They dressed and Alex went home.
            It was almost five, his mom would probably be back soon, so he set about preparing dinner. He made a casserole. it was simple and quick, and if she worked until later it would stay warm in the oven.
            While he prepared it, he thought about what he was going to do, well say to her. His dad had been right, the right time for this talk would never present itself, so having it now made as much sense as later.
            He wrote the number on the fridge, he was sure he'd need it. then he sat and waited for her. A few minutes later he startled when the door opened. Fuck he was on edge. he was just going to have a talk with his mother, it wasn't the end of the world.
            Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that and hope God listens.
            "Something smells good," his mother said. A moment later she looked in the kitchen. "I'll be right back, I need to change."
            "Please sit down mom."
            "I'm sure it can wait a few minutes."
            "No, mom, it can't."
            "What's wrong?" She sat, looking at him with worry.
            "We need to have a talk." She continued to look at him, her expression not changing. he took a breath. "Mom, I'm gay."
            "What?" her shocked expression softened and she waved what he'd said aside. "Oh, honey, we're talked about this."
            "No mom, we haven't. we've spent this last year specifically not having this discussion. I'm done with not talking about it. I'm gay."
            She fidgeted in her seat. "I know Patrick, but that doesn't mean you have to do anything about it."
            "I have done something about it."
            "What! How could you do that?"
            "I did it because I enjoy it. It's who I am."
            Her face darkened. "They put you up to it. I knew those two perverts would force you off the Path."
            "Stop it!" He slammed his hand on the table and she jumped. Damn it, he wasn't supposed to get angry. Anger wouldn't help anything. He forced himself to calm down. "This isn't about them. They didn't do anything to me. This is who I am."
            "No." She stood. "I won't hear this blasphemy. This conversation is over, do you hear me?"
            "Sit down mom. we are going to have this conversation."
            "Fine, have it your way," Patrick growled. "not an hour ago I was having sex with a guy in my room." Push it mom. I dare you, and I'm going to tell you who that guy was.
            She looked at him aghast. "How could you do that? Do you have any idea the danger you're putting your soul into?"
            "It's my soul, my responsibility, not yours."
            "well, this is my roof. I won't have someone who desecrates himself like that under it."
            It hurt. He'd known something like that was coming, but it still hurt. Getting shot hadn't hurt as much. fuck, his eyes were getting wet.
            "Mom, please try to understand."
            "No. I won't have a fag live in my house!"
            That hurt even more. He'd almost preferred she clawed him. He wanted to tell her he wasn't a fag, he would never be that, but the anger on her face force the words back down his throat.
            He could feel the anger, waiting to be allowed out, to wrap itself around him and provide a shield against the pain, but he didn't let it out. He wasn't going to storm out this time.
            He stood and left the kitchen.
            "Where do you think you're going?" The words reached him as he opened the door to his room.
            He couldn't say anything, his throat was too tight. when he tried, his voice cracked. He tried again. "I'm going to pack a bag. I'll be out of your house in a minute."
            "What? Wait." He heard her step out of the kitchen.
            He turned. A hand was to her mouth, she looked confused, old. "Patrick... I...."
            Tears were falling down his face now. "mom, I can't do this anymore. I can't deny who I am, I won't. I know it hurts you, an I'm sorry, but this is my life, not yours. I want to be happy, I don't want to live a lie."
            "Patrick, I'm worried about you." Her voice quivered with fear.
            "I'm fine mom, I'll be fine."
            "I don't want you to be damned." There was desperation in it now.
            "Isn't that my problem to deal with?" He cursed silently. He hadn't meant to sound that harsh. He walked to her and took her hands in his. "Mom, I'm not damned. I'm still a good person, the person God made me to be. He made me this way. I'm not possessed, I'm not being influenced, mom. I'm the guy God made."
            "But the bible says..."
            His chuckle stopped her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that, but can we leave the bible out of this?"
            Her expression bordered on horror. She didn't know of the talks he'd had with Mother Rosetta, that his views on the bible had shifted. For her it was still sacred.
            He tried to calm himself before asking the question. "Are you kicking me out?" His voice broke on the last words. Damn it, he should be able to control his voice. He wasn't a kid anymore. except that's exactly how he felt right now, like a child trying to get his mother to understand the punishment was unjust, that he had done nothing wrong.
            Her eyes became wet. She shook her head
            He hugged her, "Thank you," he whispered. They were both crying.
            When they weren't crying anymore, he released her. "Mom, I wrote a phone number on the fridge, I think you should call it." She gave him a puzzled expression. "It's for Mother Rosetta. She'd a priest in a different parish. I think you should talk to her. I think she can help you." He kissed the top of her head and went to the bathroom.
            Fuck he was a mess. He blew his nose an washed his face. He still had a home, and a mother, so he should be happy. but he knew this wasn't over. Even if she called Mother Rosetta, it wouldn't be resolved overnight. It had taken him months to come to terms with who he was and he didn't have the decades of ingrained belief his mother had.
            All he could do was pray that God helped her, helped them both. As he stepped out of the bathroom, he heard her in the kitchen.
            "Hello? My name is Margarette Sanders. My son is Patrick. He said I should call you."
            Patrick smiled and went to his room to give her privacy. With Mother Rosetta helping God, he was more hopeful his mother would come to accept him.
    • By Kindar in Excerpt for Patreon Exclusives 0
      Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones.

      Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exists in or sometimes people of importance in it.

      This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 4,700 word chapter.

      You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level https://www.patreon.com/posts/22815934
      A story of the past  
      "My designation is VDK, of the First Speci-"
      "I don't care."
      "I am a representative of the US military," Vee said. "We're on our way to-"
      "I said I don't give a damn who you are. Maybe you missed the message, but there isn't a United States anymore. It's every city for itself now, and as far as I'm concerned, your kind is the reason for it. You're not natural, if they hadn't made the lot of you, we wouldn't be in this mess."
      Vee ground his teeth. "My kind has been fighting wars for your kind for over five hundred years. We've served our human officers without questions. We've died for your kind."
      "Yeah," the man sounded bored, "Unless you're looking to join all the others who've died for us, you're going to put your weapons and packs down. You're going to leave your carts and walk around the wall and continue on your way."
      El looked at where the ground gave way and the sound of water hitting it came. He could sense further that the water extended under the road, making the pylons supporting it, also the only thing supporting the wall there.
      The man followed the lynx's gaze. "You can swim if you want. I don't care. I just want you out of here."
      "We're not leaving you our supplies, but we're willing to trade you some of our weapons and tanned hides for food, then we'll leave."
      The man raised his bow and let an arrow loose.
      El had expected something like this and had been focusing on the surrounding air. With a muttered "No" under his breath he had the wind divert the arrow so it hit the ground a few meters before them. He kept focusing and closed his hands into fists to keep them from shaking.
      "We don't want to fight you," Vee said as if he hadn't been shot at. "But if you attack us again, I will designate you an enemy combatant and respond in kind." He took the bow off his back and strung it. Those behind them did the same. "El, how long can you keep their arrows off us?"
      "I can agitate the air between them and us for a while, but I don't have the precision I used to. I can't promise I won't knock your arrows off too."
      Vee notched an arrow, but kept it pointed at the ground. "I repeat, we are only looking to trade and pass through. Do not force my hand."
      "You think we're scared of you?" the man had another arrow in his bow, and the others on the wall were ready to shoot. "That was a warning shot. The next one goes through your heart."
      "Soldiers!" Vee called. "If they attack, respond with wounding shots only! You are to avoid enemy casualties whenever possible, as misguided as they are they are still American citizens, is that understood!"
      "Yes, Sir!" They responded as one.
      Arrows came at them before the air was done reverberating. With a mental push the air exploded, sending them tumbling.
      "Fire!" Vee ordered while the men reached for another arrow. And the arrows the soldiers let loose found their targets. For a moment there was no one standing on the wall, then more came to replace the fallen men.
      El wasn't able to keep all enemy arrows from reaching them, and a few times he disrupted his side's arrows, but with Vee there to heal their injuries almost as soon as they occurred they remained standing, while the men on the wall kept falling, until fewer and fewer of them came, and eventually a white flag was waved.
      Vee motioned, and the soldiers lowered their bows, keeping the arrows notched.
      "Please stop," a woman called.
      "Show yourself."
      She stood, holding the flag. She was older, her hair gray, her face wrinkled.
      "Do you surrender?" Vee asked.
      "Promise me you won't hurt anyone else." She kept her fear under control, her voice barely trembling.
      "You have my word that we won't fire on anyone who doesn't attack us first."
      After a slight hesitation she nodded. "We surrender."
      "Open your gate and let us in. Anyone holding a weapon when we enter will be considered hostile and treated accordingly. I tried being friendly, your people opened the hostility. I will not take any chances, is that understood?"
      "We have-"
      "No." Vee tone was hard. "Anyone holding any kind of weapons will be considered an enemy. If you need time to ensure everyone is disarmed, I'll give you until sunset. But take heed, if you use the time to try to mount a surprise attack, I will raze this city to the ground with everyone in it. Am I making myself clear?"
      She nodded, then said, "yes sir. The gates will open before the sun sets." She disappeared behind the wall.
      Vee turned. "Mary get as many people as you need and collect the arrows. Don't worry about them being broken, we'll go through them later. Stay on your guard, I don't trust them. El, how-?"
      "I have about three hundred meters in range. No fine control, but I can keep anything off us."
      Vee smiled. "I was going to ask how are you holding up?"
      "It's way more tiring than it used to. Moving this little air feels like I'm trying to shift the entire state's air pattern."
      The statement got him surprised looks from the others as they passed to get the arrows.
      "I can't keep focused on you, so if they attack again and you need me to take away the exhaustion call out."
      "I will, don't worry."
      "Sidney! When the gate opens, I want four guards on it. It doesn't close until everyone and the carts are inside. Anyone trying to close them before that is to be considered hostile."
      "Yes Sir."
      They'd collected all the arrows, and the sun wasn't quite touching the horizon when the gate opened. The woman, holding the white flag, stepped out.
    • By Kindar in Missing Son 2
      The Missing Son 49
            Patrick opened his eyes.
            I was awake, maybe. His eyes were open, so he had to be awake. He didn't feel awake. Or rather his body didn't feel normal, it was vibrating. The light was low, or maybe not. The intensity seemed to shift.
            He was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. It was either white, gray or yellow, or maybe it was some sort of high-tech color changing paint. He started giggling. That would be something cool.
            Someone moved against him, and he realized he was feeling multiple someones. He chuckled to himself. Right, the orgy. Someone wrapped a hand on his cock, no, it was too warm, that was a mouth. That felt nice. He closed his eyes and enjoyed being sucked on. He scratched his stomach; the fur was matted together.
            He raised his head. It wasn't just there; his fur was mated all over his front. Right, all the licking cum off him has left its mark.
            Now that he'd moved his head, he was more confident he was awake. And his bladder was informing him he should take a trip to the bathroom. He rested his head back and waited until Adam was done blowing him.
            Once he was done Adam just turned on his side and snuggled up to their father. Had his brother given him a sleep blowjob? Patrick wouldn't be surprised. He was pretty sure nothing could surprise him anymore when it came to his family and sex.
            He carefully untangled himself from Arthur who was hugging him on his left, and Aaron on his right. He pulled his legs out from whoever was sleeping on top of them. he could only see his back, ass and tail, but he thought that was Alex.
            He stood, to his body's protestations. Joints creaked, cracked and popped as he stretched. He stepped off the cushions and his ass hurt, as did his jaw, had it gotten dislocated at some point? His cock buzzed and his balls were sore.
            How the fuck had he survived the night? Oh, right. He was an Orr. Sex super-powers.
            That was the only explanation. No normal guy could have survived this orgy. He counted how many guys were there, eleven. Eleven guys had fucked him, more than once, and he'd fucked all of them at least once. He'd also been sucked off more times than he remembered.
            Yeah, it had to be that. He has sex super powers now.
            He was about to head for the bathroom, but smelled coffee and decided his bladder could wait until he got caffeine in him.
            "Can I get one of those?" he asked his father.
            The tiger at the counter looked over his shoulder. "Sure. just milk, right?"
            He took out another cup, filled it and added the milk before handing it to him.
            "How are you feeling?"
            Patrick took a long swallow and sighed. "I'll let you know when reality settles back in. I think I'm high."
            His father tilted an ear in his direction, sipping his own coffee.
            "Every inch of my body is vibrating, and I've pretty much worked out that I've developed super powers. sexual powers."
            "That would be some fun powers to have."
            "What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure you have them too. each and every member of this family. One big super sex team."
            He looked at his father for some sort of confirmation, but only received an enigmatic smile.
            They sipped their coffee in silence for a moment, then Patrick asked. "Dad, what's the deal with Damian?" okay, that settled it, he was high. It was the only way he'd dared asked about him.
            "What do you mean?"
            "Well, Aaron hates his guts, Adam is terrified of him. One moment Damian is all charming, and the next he's like something out of a horror movie."
            His father looked at him for long enough that Patrick considered sitting down, but he didn't think his ass could take the hard surface.
            His father shook his head. "I don't think this is the right time for it."
            Patrick sighed. "Dad, Arthur wouldn't tell me because he said I had to be comfortable with the family having sex together. Well, unless you've missed the banners, I'm pretty damn comfortable with that idea now. I mean Adam went camping with him even when the idea scared him."
            "He had to agree to go to see under the hood of my brother's car."
            "Dad, you do realize that makes no sense, right? It's just a car. I know Adam loves them, but still."
            His father sighed. "Alright. First off, you need to know my brother's a genius."
            "Okay, so he's smart."
            His father shook his head. "No, Einstein was smart, but compared to my brother he was a simpleton."
            "Who's Einstein?" Patrick asked.
            His father stared at him, "Relativity? E=Mc square?"
            Patrick shrugged.
            "How about Hawkins?"
            Patrick thought about it. "That's the black hole guy, right?"
            "Good enough. that guy is also a simpleton next to Damian. When he was eight, they threw all the IQ tests at him, and he aced them all. After that they started giving him math problems to solve. He solved them all, and I'm talking Math even I don't get, and I was really good at it. The bottom line is that no one knows how smart Damian is."
            "Then why isn't he a scientist? If he's so smart why is he just running a company?"
            "Science doesn't hold his interest. It isn't interesting to him. And you should remember his company is a multinational corporation, not exactly a simple thing to run."
            "Okay, but still..."
            His father nodded. "The other thing you need to know is that he's a psychopath."
            "What do you mean?"
            "A psychopath, he doesn't have any empathy for other people. He doesn't actually care for any of us."
            "No, you're wrong. I've seen him around you guys. Sure he can be cold, but he loves the lot of you."
            "It's an act, all of it."
            Patrick frowned as he remembered something. He'd read an article about criminals a while back. "wait, psychopaths, those are the guys who..." The words slipped away as another memory came back to him. he felt the cup slip from his hand...
            * * * * *
            He was sitting in a car, trying to get out.
            "You're not getting out of the car unless I let you." The voice had been cold, dispassionate. The cold, calculating, blue eyes were looking at him, through him.
            "What are you going to do to me?" Patrick had asked, certain he was about to die.
            * * * * *
            He was shaking. Someone was holding him.
            "Oh fuck, of fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Someone was repeating over and over.
            "everything's okay Patrick," his father said. "You're safe."
            It was him. He'd been the one saying it. "I was in his car. I was alone with him. Oh God, He could have killed me. I would have disappeared and no one would have known."
            The arms tighten around him. "You're safe Patrick. None of that would have happened."
            He pushed his father away. "How the fuck can you say that? He's a psychopath. He could have cut me in little pieces and not given a damn." He stopped talking as he realized his foot was wet. His father said something, but Patrick didn't hear him, his foot was partially in a pool of liquid. It was coffee, medium brown, but there was another liquid slowly mixing in with it. Then he noticed the inside of his leg was wet. Then he caught the scent.
            "I pissed myself."
            Patrick looked at his father. He was numb. "He said that would happen once I'd learn about him." The anger came back. "How can you let a man like that in your house? Around your kids? How can you put them in danger like that?" He paused. "What the fuck did he do to Adam?"
            His father grabbed him by the shoulders. "Patrick, you have to understand. Damian isn't a threat to you, or anyone in this family."
            "How can you know that?"
            "Because he promised our father he would look after us."
            Patrick remembered Damian telling him that. "But you said he doesn't actually care about anyone."
            "He doesn't, but promises are sacred to him. He never breaks them. As you interact with him, you'll notice he almost never makes any, but if he does, he keeps them. That's how he's able to function.
            "But aren't psychopath liars and killers?"
            "They don't have to be. Damian doesn't like violence. He considers it a failure on his part if he has to resort to it." His father guided him out of the kitchen. "Let's get you in the shower."
            "What about the mess?"
            "I'll clean it up afterward. Don't worry about it."
            "If he looks out for you, why are you all afraid of him?" Patrick asked once they were next to the shower.
            "Because, while he will never hurt one of us physically, he can be emotionally brutal." His father turned the water on. "He doesn't like it when we limit ourselves, so he tends to take it upon himself to resolve what he perceives as being a problem."
            "Did he do that to you?"
            His father started shaking his head, but then his eyes became distant. "Yes, he did."
            "What did he do?"
            "He forced me to break out of my shell when I was a kid."
            "Are you okay?"
            His father shook himself. "I'm fine, I hadn't thought about that time in a long while."
            "He's never going to get to do that to me." Patrick got under the water. He sighed. "That's a lie, isn't it? If he decides to do something to me, I won't be able to stop him, will I?"
            His father held him. He didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say.
    • By Kindar in Missing Son 0
      The Missing Son 48
            Patrick had been fucked by... he couldn't remember how many of them had fucked him. At least each of his brothers had had a go once, and he was now in the process of fucking them, but he needed a break. The bathroom was calling.
            He felt like he imagined he would if he'd used those weight training machines downstairs. He was sore in more places than he could count. He was tired, but not exhausted. And he was still horny.
            After using the toilet, he decided to take a quick shower. He was going to be sweating again, but right now he felt grimier than he liked.
            Standing in the large shower stall he thought again about how it was large enough they could have an orgy in it. Instead of being embarrassed this time he got hard.
            He toweled himself while the dryer ran, stroking himself a few times to maintain his erection. He might as well be ready for action when he got back to the living room.
            He pulled the door open to leave and found himself looking into gray/blue eyes. He hesitated, then got out of the way. Damian looked him up and down, his smile widening at his hard cock.
            He entered and closed the door behind him.
            "I was going back," Patrick pointed out. He checked his uncle out, he hadn't done it this close yet. He wasn't erect, but his cock looked to be average.
            "I'm sure they can manage without you for a while." Damian took Patrick's head in his hands.
            "Damian, I don..." He didn't get to finish, Damian kissed him.
            The surprise froze Patrick for a moment, and his uncle used that opportunity to push his tongue in his muzzle. Patrick has a 'fuck this' moment, then he kissed him back, wrapping his arms around his uncle.
            They turned and Patrick had his back against the wall. their tongue played together, their lips pressed so tightly their mouth were sealed.
            Damian broke away and smiled at him.
            Patrick had to catch his breath. "What do you think you're doing?"
            His uncle didn't say anything. He leaned forward and nibbled below Patrick's ear. Patrick's breath caught as the teeth scrapped the flesh, lightning coursing from there down to his cock. He held on to Damian as his legs turned to jelly and he spoke God's name in vain, a lot.
            Then claws moved down his sides making him shudder. they traced his hips, moving inside his legs and teased his balls. His cock jumped and Patrick thought he was going to cum right there. He wanted to tell his uncle to stop, but he couldn't get his mouth to work.
            The pleasure still vibrating through him the hand clasped his ass and pulled him up. By pure reflex he wrapped his legs around Damian's waist. He felt the slick cock move between his cheeks.
            Patrick opened his muzzle to asked his uncle what he thought he was doing, but he bit his neck and the lightning short circuited Patrick's brain.
            The cock head was at his ring and Damian lowered him slowly. Patrick gasped and held on tighter to his uncle. When he was fully in, he pulled out and thrust back in. He moved slowly, each time changing his angle, and Patrick could only moan, grown and gasp when his uncle cock stroked against a particularly pleasurable part.
            He'd read up on the male anatomy, and if he were able to think he'd know what it was called, but his uncle's cock was making it impossible for him to do so.
            That stroking and his cock being trapped between them, their fur teasing it, their stomach pressing against it as his uncle fucked him, made the lightning become brighter until it overwhelmed him. Patrick roared.
            Once his orgasm died down Damian wasn't moving, just holding him. Patrick realized his uncle wasn't in him. He untangled his legs and placed them on the floor. Damian let him go carefully. Patrick wobbled a little but he was able to stay up.
            Damian smiled and opened the door, only to have it slam back shut.
            "Not so fast," Patrick panted, his hand on it. "What the fuck was this?"
            Damian smiled at him. "When you said you'd never be alone in a room with me, I was able to let it go." He caressed Patrick's cheek with a finger. "But when you said I'd be waiting a long time to have sex with you, I found I couldn't resist."
            "You had plenty of opportunity in the living room."
            "I doubt you'd have really paid attention to what I was doing to you among a crowd."
            "So what? this was just you proving a point?"
            "A point? no. This was me fucking you." He ran a finger in the cum stained fur. "I believe you enjoyed it."
            "Fucking right I did, but I don't believe you. This wasn't just about us having sex. Just what the fuck do you want with me?"
            Damian regarded him for a moment. "I haven't decided yet." He nodded to Patrick's hand still on the door. "Can I leave?"
            Patrick took his hand away and Damian left him alone in the room. He leaned back against the wall. Fuck that had been an experience.
            He put a hand to his neck, where Damian had bit him, there was no blood. He hadn't thought there would be, but he wanted to make sure. A few of his brothers had nibbled on his neck, and he'd enjoyed it, but none of them had bitten that hard. If someone had asked him before this Patrick wouldn't have known it could feel that good.
            His hand went up and caressed the base of his ear. He shivered. How had Damian known he'd enjoy it? Patrick hadn't known until now. He sighed. Whatever else his uncle might be, he was a fucking good top.
            Patrick took a moment longer to make sure he was steady on his legs and headed back to the living room. He'd thought about continuing going through his brothers, but he saw his father seated on the couch, head leaning back and looking like he might be sleeping. His other father was currently fucking Alex in the middle of the cushions.
            Grinning Patrick headed for the couch. He ran a hand up each leg before hooking under them and lifting them. He father looked at him and chuckled.
            Patrick lubed himself from the almost empty bottle next to his father and then entered him. Both of them moaned. When he was hilted in, he licked his father's muzzle.
            "You're a lot tighter than I remember," He whispered.
            His father smiled. "That's because I'm not the one you think I am."
            Patrick frowned for a moment, then gasped. He would have pulled out, but his father had hooked his legs around him, keeping him in place.
            His father nodded.
            "I'm sorry. I thought you were Daniel."
            Donald nodded. "It's okay."
            "But you're a top."
            That made him chuckle. "I'm mostly a top. Not exclusively one."
            "So you're okay with me fucking you?"
            "He is," Daniel whispered in his ear before placing both hands on his shoulders. "Just like I'm going to be okay with fucking you."
            Donald moved his legs out of the way and Daniel pressed himself against Patrick's back. He ground his crotch a time or two and his cock found Patrick's hole. Patrick sighed as his father entered him. He was thicker than Damian.
            Patrick couldn't believe he was having sex with both his fathers at the same time. They moved slowly working out the best rhythm to make sure neither of them accidentally pulled out. This was so hot, and it felt so good to have his cock move in his father while his fathers moved in him.
            This felt more like making love then fucking so Patrick took his time. He let the pleasure build, and listened to his fathers' body, he wanted to cum with them, or at least one of them.
            Donald was the first one whose breathing became ragged, his hand moving up and down on his cock, so Patrick sped up his thrusting, to help him and to push himself over the edge.
            His father came a moment before Patrick, his spasming ass triggering his orgasm. Buried deep in his father, Daniel's thrusting kept Patrick's orgasm going much longer than before, and then that cock was deep in him, his father shuddering on top of Patrick.
            They remained like that while they caught their collective breath. Patrick felt so comfortable between the two of them, so safe, so loved. He kissed Donald, then pulled out. Daniel pulled out and let himself fall on the couch next to his brother.
            Patrick stretched and turned. So, who was going to be next. He grinned when he saw Damian roll off Dominic and settle on his stomach. If that wasn't a perfect invitation, Patrick didn't know what was.
            He knelt between Damian's legs. He didn't know if he was versatile or not, he hadn't paid attention to who he'd fucked or in what position, but at this point he was confident everyone in his family was.
            Damian looked over his shoulder, and while Patrick had intended to just start fucking him, he paused and asked. "Do you mind if I return the favor?"
            Damian smiled and shook his head. Patrick lay on top of him and began fucking his uncle. In no time at all Patrick was moaning. his uncle's ass kept tightening on his cock, and pulling on it. Patrick couldn't tell if he was using his uncle or if he was being used by him. Much faster then he'd anticipated Patrick came.
            He rolled on his back, and Damian smirked at him. Patrick gave him the finger and then had Arthur sitting on his cock and Aiden offering his to suck. Patrick took it in his muzzle, and then lost himself back in the orgy.
    • By Kindar in Missing Son 0
      The Missing Son 47
            The car came to a stop in the garage, the door closed, the engine turned off. Patrick didn't move. This was it. He hadn't expected to be this apprehensive. He saw a car he hadn't before, a black sedan. Damian's car was there.
            "You okay?" his father asked.
            "Just a little worried. This is going to be an orgy. having sex with you two was one thing, I love you, but...." He really wasn't sure why he was hesitant now that he was here.
            "You don't love you brothers?"
            "I don't know. I like them well enough from the time we've hung out over the year, but I don't know if I can say I love them."
            Can't you? a voice at the back of his head whispered. What you feel for Arthur, is that just 'like'? How about what you felt when he and Aaron snuggled on the grass? was that just 'like' too? Shut up, he told the voice. It's my insecurities, let me deal with them.
            "I know they love you."
            "but do they just love me because they know they're going to have sex with me?"
            "no. I can promise that to you. They love you for who you are. The sex is just one of the ways we demonstrate it." He got out of the car and a moment later so did Patrick. "Just give them a chance. They've been really looking forward to today."
            Patrick nodded. "Should I get naked now?"
            "No, let them take care of that."
            He followed his father up the stairs and to the living room. He stopped at the archway. The seats and sofas had been repositioned to the back of the room, forming a semi-circle facing him. Every seat was taken by a naked tiger stroking himself or his neighbor.
            This was rather intimidating.
            Daniel stood and walked to him. "Hello son." His cupped his head and kissed him tenderly. "Welcome home." He guided Patrick closer to the seats. "There's only one person you haven't met yet."
            A tiger stood, and of all of them, Patrick included, he was the only one whose muscles weren't defined. He had them, but they were covered by a layer of fat, softening his overall shape.
            "Hi Patrick. I'm Dominic." He had soft hazel eyes, in a round face. Dominic kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, but there was an underlying hunger to it. "It's a pleasure to finally kiss you." He took his seat and put a hand to Damian's cock.
            "So, this is the whole family?" Patrick asked, looking everyone over. It was the first time he'd seen them naked. He realized Donald wasn't there anymore.
            "No, you have two great uncles. They live on the east coast and they're too old to travel. And they wouldn't have been able to participate anyway."
            "Of course, they could," Damian said. "Bobby's kids are making sure he doesn't get out of practice, and Roger is a nymphomaniac, so Byron is also getting a lot of exercise."
            "Kids? I have more family members?"
            "No," Daniel said, "Bobby's kids are the children he educated over the years. Now that they're grown up, they look after him."
            "Dietrich also couldn't make it," Dominic said.
            "He's another of your brothers?"
            "The fourth one, there's only five of us."
            "Why can't he make it?"
            "He's in rehab," Damian answered. "And I'm not letting him out until he's well and dry."
            "Dietrich had a rough life," Donald said, reappearing, naked. "Which led to him having problems with drugs and alcohol."
            Patrick could see Damian wanted to add something, but he didn't. Patrick was also starting to feel overdressed.
            "What happens now?" he asked. He looked at Arthur who was smiling at him. his heart skipped and caught in his throat. And you're calling that 'like'? the voice said. He looked at all of them. No, he didn't like them. he loved them. He could feel his eyes getting wet. Great, he was going to cry.
            "Now," his father said. Patrick as lost track of which was which. "Your brothers show you how much they love you."
            Arthur was the first one to stand. His small size made his cock look much larger. Arthur looked up at him, and his eyes were wet too. He grabbed Patrick's collar and pulled him down so they could kiss. It was a passionate kiss, not one of two brothers, but of two lovers. Patrick found himself taking hold of his brother's head while their tongue played together. When they broke the kiss, they were both panting.
            Arthur pulled the jacket off Patrick. Someone else pulled his t-shirt over his head.
            "I thought I was too old for you," he told Arthur, smiling.
            "oh, I do like young teens, but you have to know by now none of us are restricted by our eccentricities. I said that at the party because I knew you really wanted dad."
            "Thank you. How about you go first now?"
            "He means second," Anakin said. He was kneeling next to Patrick undoing his jeans. "He's had sex with dad."
            "Shot on his T-shirt," the one behind him said. It sounded like Alex.
            Patrick chuckled and the words that left his mouth surprised even him. "If anyone here is surprised by that, you haven't seen dad naked recently." Laughter responded. By the time the laughter died out, Patrick had stepped out of his clothes.
            "I'll be honored to be the first of your brothers to show you how much we love you." Arthur led him to the cushions, arranged on the floor to make a large bed.
            Patrick laid down and Arthur knelt between his legs. Someone handed his brother a bottle of lube, and this time Patrick knew where it came from. multiple bottles were spread around the floor and on the side tables.
            "Are you ready?" Arthur asked, lubing his cock. Patrick nodded and his brother lifted Patrick's legs over his shoulders before pressing in. He realized at that moment that Arthur's cock didn't just seem larger, it was larger. It felt larger than their father's.
            "Oh fuck," Patrick sighed as Arthur's ball rested against his ass. He didn't know how it was he hadn't felt any pain. He didn't care. His brother started fucking him. No, that wasn't right. he wasn't just thrusting his cock in and out of him. His hands were caressing his body, he was looking at him. He was making love to him.
            His father had fucked him in a way that made him feel possessed and safe. He'd fucked his father as something new and exciting. This was making him feel loved.
            He looked around, wanting for a moment to see what the rest of his family was doing. They were having sex too, but they were looking at him while doing it. He gasped when Arthur closed his hand around his cock and jerked him off.
            He didn't hurry it. He wasn't trying to make him cum quicker. Patrick could see it in his eyes, he was stroking him because he knew it felt good. He knew Patrick would enjoy it.
            Arthur was right. Patrick closed his eyes and let the pleasure build, his moans signing the crescendo until the lightning rushed over him and he roared. He stayed present this time and felt his ass tightened around Arthur cock. he felt him speed up and his brother roared just as his ended.
            Panting, they smiled at each other as he received another load of cum. Before Arthur pulled out someone tapped his forehead and he looked up. Albert was there, waving his hard cock in his face, then against his lips. The message was clear. Patrick didn't hesitate. that he'd never sucked on a cock before didn't matter to him. This was about sharing his family's love. He opened his muzzle and, as Arthur pulled out of him, Albert pushed his cock in.
            It took them a moment to find a comfortable position, Albert kneeling over him, and, to Patrick's surprise, taking his cock in his mouth, before they sucked each other. Patrick was tentative, not because he wasn't sure he wanted this, he wanted it, but because he was uncertain what to do, but paying attention to what Albert was doing to him he gained confidence and in no time, he was deep throating his brother, which he seemed to love.
            He held onto his brother and he bobbed down and up on his cock, using his tongue to stimulate the crown. and almost breaking down in laughers when his balls smacked his face.
            He didn't know how long they sucked each other, he didn't care. His jaw was a little sore, but it was worth it. When the lightning struck this time he couldn't roar, all he could do was bury his cock as deep as it would go down Albert's muzzle. His brother responded in kind a moment later.
            When Albert's cock stopped twitching, he pulled it out and Patrick got to taste his brother's cum. It tasted similar to what he remembered of his, but he was saltier. His brother moaned next to him.
            Gentle hands rolled Patrick on his stomach. "Can I?" Aaron whispered in his ear.
            Patrick couldn't speak, so he nodded. His brother lay on top of him, licking his neck as he slowly entered him. he was thinner than Arthur, and not as long, but when he moved in Patrick, it felt amazing.
            Patrick loved what his brother made him feel, but he wanted more. He saw a foot in his peripheral vision and grabbed it. The person it was attacked to knelt before him and Patrick could now see enough of him to recognize his uncle, Dominic. He had a fat short cock. Patrick grabbed it and guided it to his muzzle. His uncle obliged and lovingly face fucked him.
            Patrick orgasmed while being fucked from both end, and without touching himself. And this time, when the lighting arrived, it didn't leave him.
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