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"Lyons of Kosma" is the story Andrew, a young lion lost between universes on the beautiful and dangerous alien world of Kosma.

Aided by his brilliant parents who are back on Earth, both of whom work as defense contractors, who discover a way of sending their son advanced defensive and offensive weaponry, "Lyons of Kosma" follows Andrew across it's surreal, fantasy landscape, in his quest to contact his parents and find a way home.
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4.3 Updates

There are some major changes in the works for AnthroDynamics. As discussed in a previous developer blog, we are going to be updating emojis, search functionality, and some more layouts for Literature. I would like to take a few more moments to talk about some more of the upcoming updates.
Clubs will be seeing some major feature changes when the 4.3 update goes live. On the top of this list is Paid Clubs. This means that a Club Owner can choose to monetize their club monthly. There are several options for this feature:
For open clubs, the user will be immediately prompted for payment. Once paid, they are automatically added to the club. For closed clubs, the user will need to request to join as normal. Once the club owner has accepted the application, the user will be able to pay the membership fee and join as normal. For private and read-only clubs (Read-only clubs are also a new feature!), users have to be invited to join the club by the club owner. Public clubs are public, and so these cannot be set as Paid clubs. Club owners can also chose to waive the membership fee, allowing certain users to join the club for free (by invite). If a member fails to pay their renewal fees, they are moved into an "expired" state. All club owners can see the status and renewal dates of their members, and use the filter tools located in the Members panel to see active or expired members.
Paying out these membership fees is done just as it is with our marketplace feature. You can request a payout through PayPal (so long as your account has over $40 in any given week). Payouts are processed (currently, at the time of this writing) on Fridays.
New Club Type: Read-Only. In addition to open, closed, private, and public, we have added a new club type with this update. In a read-only club, everyone can (without joining) view everything in the club. They may not participate unless they are invited by the club leader, however.
We have also enabled Club Leaders to fully moderate their clubs, including adding and removing content sections. We hope that these changes will make Clubs a more user-friendly and active feature in the community.
Gallery will also be seeing a major overhaul in terms of functionality. For one, the uploading interface has changed dramatically:

Gone is the somewhat confusing interface. The aim here is simplicity and functionality. Choose which category you want to post in, choose if you want to use an existing album or create a new one. Here on AnthroDynamics, we will likely remove the option to continue without using an album when Update 4.3 is live. Along with this change is a change to the upload interface itself. No more refreshing between images required!

As you can see, you can now edit the caption, the description (and if we had remembered to enable it on the test!) the tags, all from the same upload interface. Setting credit, copyright, and notifications on all your images should be much simpler now. Images will ALSO support drag-and-drop reorganizing on this page. You won't have to use "Page 1" "Page 2" and so forth. You can manually reposition all of your images. The description field is a paired down editor box, but as you can see you can swap to our WYSIWYG editor at any time.
Images should also process much faster than currently. The way these are saved and uploaded has been changed.
Albums are getting a major change as well. Album creators can now create "Shared" albums. When you create a new album, you can now specify (Under the new Privacy Menu) who can submit to the album. These options are: only me, anyone, only the users I specify, only the groups I specify.
Another great feature coming with Update 4.3 is a new Gallery layout!

As you can see, images when selected from anywhere will automatically load straight into lightbox. The new lightbox is greatly improved over the one currently in use. Not only will it have more noticeable karats to move from image to image, it is also touch and swipe responsive (for our mobile users).
Only a few minor changes in the marketplace. The only one on the front-end will be that the content-starter can now leave one reply to reviews.
Twitch.tv embed support is coming! You will be able to drop a twitch.tv link into the editor, and our WYSIWYG editor will automatically embed it. Search will be receiving an interface overhaul along with the functionality changes mentioned in a previous developer blog. We will be swapping to the new Invisible reCaptcha, so that users won't need to go through the full reCaptcha process unless the system flags for some reason. And we will be switching to Mapbox for maps (off of Google Maps) for use with Calendar.
Currently, Update 4.3 is in alpha stages, but we hope these insights are helpful to you all!

Securing your AD Account

I have seen time and time again on various websites that users have their account passwords "cracked" (Someone was able to use software to figure out a user's password). In today's developer blog, I would like to discuss some ways in which AD makes your account secure (with your help, of course). Let's discuss:
Account Security
AD has many ways to help secure your account. Our entire back-end is protected by 2-Factor Authentication. The same can be said about our database credentials. However, there's a few things that some users may not know about the actual website that I'd like to cover here.
1. If a user fails a login more than 3 times, their account enters a special "Locked" status, which disables logins for that account for 15 minutes. Repeated attempts and failures will be logged into our administrator control panel. The only way to unlock an account is to wait. If a user cannot remember their password, there is a Password Reset feature on the login page.
2. Users can optionally add 2 Factor Authentication to their account by visiting their Account Security page. Here you can add either question and answers, or an actual app such as Google Authenticator. We have also added support for Duo Mobile now as well.
Using these tools is the first step in keeping your account secure. We highly recommend adding at least the Question and Answer security method to help us keep your account secure.

Upcoming Changes, More Development!

Once more, I would like to take some time to blog about some upcoming enhancements to AD's community software. I will briefly touch on some major (and exciting!) changes that are likely to take place in late January or early February, if everything goes smoothly.
The first step here is to change how Emojis are displayed and generated on AnthroDynamics. With this change, we will be hosting a poll (to be posted at a later date) of what type of Emojis our community wants to use. We have the option of using either the Twitter style, or the EmojiOne style. This new list will be fully scrollable, searchable, and you can select the skin-tone (if all goes well). Failing this, AD will develop it's own set of Emojis, and use those instead. One more thing is that the new Emojis system will also enable the :short_codes: function, and these will autocomplete as you type!
Literature is getting an overhaul! Imagery has become one of the most important roles in representing data, and having only one image for a story didn't sit right with us. Thus, we will be adding an area for chapter header images. We are also working on a grid-view listing of entries for a more unique style of presenting your stories, rather than the traditional list format (We'll see how that goes...). With this change, we will be adding default images to all Stories which do not currently have them.
Cover Photos
Speaking of adding default images...we will be adding default cover photos for those who have not uploaded one. Our goal here is to create a decent graphic that won't clash with any particular theme.
Search Improvements
We like to be able to search for exactly the content we want. Currently, AD is limited by MySQL searches (which require at least 3 characters), which not only limits user's ability to search for simple terms, but may also cause issues with database tables locking while a search executes. AD will be upgrading to ElasticSearch with this release. What this means for you is a much more functional search system. The new system will default to "everywhere" searches. You will have the option to search for all or any of your search terms, filter that by content title and body, or title only, and many more options. Generally, searches will execute faster with this change. Another cool feature is that ES understands language. For example, if you search for "community", ES will return results with the word "communities" as well, as it understands they're very closely related.
That's all for now! We hope you all continue to enjoy all that AnthroDynamics has to offer.
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    • By Kindar in Wishing Game 0
            I hesitated in front of the door. It was glossy white, freshly painted like the porch. It was one thing to believe my friends would be ok with the way I looked; it was another one completely to put it to the test.
            I steeled myself and knocked. There was silence. I prayed that they were home and knocked again.
            "Hold on to your fucking horses," came a Wilma's voices from somewhere deeper in the house. The door opened. "Ok, what's you want?" Wilma was a small woman at five-four. I never used 'petite' to describe her be cause she had quite the set of curves on her body. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail, she didn't have any make up on as usual. She was wearing an old faded t-shirt, pink with an arrow on it pointing up 'my eyes are up there' was written underneath.
            I'd gotten her the shirt two years ago for her birthday, she always like showing off her breast so I figured it would help her play on that. I'd accidently picked one that was a size too small.
            She'd never complained about it.
            Purple sweat pants completed her ensemble, except for the cherry lollipop she was holding in her hand.
            "It's me, Jim. Can I come in?
            She looked at me for a moment. "Jim Benton?"
            I nodded and she moved away from the door with a surprised expression.
            I quickly stepped in, in case she changed her mind and closed the door on me. I closed it behind me. Wilma and Walter owned the house together. They were brother and sister, twins actually. I'd known them for almost ten years now, not long after I'd discovered he furry community. They had been the first furries I'd come across on the net who turned out to be local to me.
            Wilma looked me over and her expression slowly turned from surprised to suspicious, but before she could say anything Walter poked his head in the entryway. "Who was that sis?" He asked before even looking in, and then "Whoa, cool fursuit."
            While these two were twins, they looked nothing alike. Where Wilma was small and full of curves, Walter was a good six inch taller and very angular. Her voice was sweet and his usually sounded like his throat was full of sand paper. He was gay, she wasn't. About the only things they had in common where the blond hair, although his was curly, and steel grey eyes.
            I looked at Wilma, "I'll explain later," and walked to Walter, throwing him over my shoulder and heading directly to his bedroom.
            * * * * *
            I was looking at the ceiling, completely awake. Only two hours of sleep after our marathon session and I was fully rested. Chock another one to my increased healing I guess.
            I carefully untangled myself from Walter and went to the attached bathroom. He kept on sleeping soundly as I moved from under him. Walter had taken no time to get over the realization I wasn't wearing a fursuit. He had a thing for fursuits, in fact he couldn't have sex if one wasn't involved.
            I'd hoped that realizing I was the real thing would push his buttons, and I hadn't been disappointed. My need for sex had been dealt with after the first time, but my desire hadn't, which was a good thing because he wasn't going to let me rest until he'd explored every part of my new body.
            I locked the other door, the one leading to his sister's bedroom, and got in the shower. I went through almost all of his shampoo in the process and had to use a comb to tease the dried cum out of my fur.
            I had suspected I had more stamina now, as well as a faster recharge, but I'd never known that Walter could cum so often. Those previous times when we'd have sex we'd cum once and we were both done. This time it happened so often that I lost track.
            I had to clean my fur out of the drain three times during my shower to prevent the water from overflowing the lip. One more thing I'd have to get used to, although since I had a bath/shower at home I could let the water rise until I was done. Drying myself I went through all the towels in their linen closet. I was going to have to invest in some heavy duty blow dryers when I got back home.
            My chain of thought derailed. *If* I got back home. For a moment I'd forgotten that I was on the run from a secret government agency bent on throwing me in a cell and forgetting about me. As real as I knew it was, I still felt like I was in a bad sci-fi movie.
            Once I was dry I piled up the towels and got dressed. Walter slept through it, even when I bumped into the dresser and left two inches long skid marks on the wood floor. I rubbed one of them with my foot, barely feeling the scoring in the varnish through my thick pad.
            I'd deal with that once Walter was awake, maybe offer to pay to get it fixed. I didn't expect him to make a big deal of it, but I was still going to offer.
            I grabbed the towels and headed to their laundry room in the basement. Wilma wasn't in the living room or kitchen as I came down the stairs. I wondered if she's gone out. I could smell her in the room as well as the nuances in her smell, but I had no idea what those meant.
            I went down the other set of stairs and caught the sound of her breathing. Half the basement was her training room, which consisted of the floor being covered by mats.
            I saw her eyes turned in my direction as I reached the floor, but she didn't stop going through the movements. I admired her focus. I don't think I could have kept on doing what I was doing if something as freaky as me walked into the same room.
            I went to the other side of the room, where the washer was and dumped the towels in it. I started it and looked for the soap while it filled. After that I considered going back up, but I still owed Wilma an explanation.
            I sat down on the floor and leaned back against the washer as I waited for her to finish. She didn't hurry on my account. It was thirty minutes before she came to a gentle stop.
            "So I didn't imagine you," she said as she stood still, eyes closed.
            I shook my head. "No," I then added. "I'm sorry for barging in like that, but I'm in a bit of a bad spot and you were the only ones I could think of who might help."
            "You mean Walter," her voice was colder than I'd ever heard it, "if I hadn't been surprised I'd have thrown you right out."
            I nodded and looked at the floor. She was right; as strong as I am she could have sent me flying out that door without much effort. She was a black belt in Tea-Kon-do. My ears heated up in shame and splayed against my skull. "I'm sorry."
            "It's too late now. It's obvious Walt digs you."
            "I'm sorry," I said again.
            "Stop saying you're sorry Jim," She sounded annoyed now. "It's obvious you needed to take care of it, and it's not like I'm your type."
            I thought I heard her smile at that and looked up. She was wearing her Gi now, loosely tied so that the opening showed the curve of her breasts. She wasn't doing that for me. She probably didn't even realize she was showing herself off like that; or this being Wilma, maybe she did, even if she knew it had no effect on me.
            "What happened to you?" she asked, looking straight at me.
            I gave her a quick rundown; the wish, waking up like that, the police, waking up in the cell, escaping. I even mentioned the blue balls. She looked at me without saying anything. "I know," I added, "sounds like the plot to a bad movie."
            "So that was you this morning," she said instead.
            "Me where?"
            "There was something on TV this morning about a group of robber with one of them in a fursuit."
            I leaned my head back against the washer just as it buzzed and stopped shaking. "So now I'm a thief too."
            "If they're a secret organization, they can't just come out and say what really happened. Come on, cheer up, you're the only furry I know who's gotten his wish and become a real one. You had to know there was going to be repercussions."
            "I didn't know it was going to come real," there was only a small amount of anger behind my voice, over all I really did enjoy what I'd become. "If I'd known what would happen I'd have been a bit more careful."
            She grinned at me. "You an over-sexed furry? Who'd have thunk it."
            "Very funny," I said dryly.
            "Come on, it isn't so bad anymore, is it? Walter's going to be happy to help keep you libido down. You're a dream come true for him. After what you two've been up to you must be hungry. Throw the towels in the dryer. I'll be in the kitchen. Oh, are you purely carnivorous now?"
            "I don't know." My stomach growled loudly and I realized that with everything that had happened, I hadn't eaten anything since getting up in the morning. Even with all the stress, how had I managed to go more than 24 hours without even feeling hungry?
            "We'll have you try a few things and see how you react to them." After that she went up the stairs.
    • By Kindar in Excerpt for Patreon Exclusives 0
      The Lord Tiranis, An Origin, Part 3 (1st third) (an excerpt)
      Tiranis is a world of humans and furries, of super science and super powers, of ordinary people and extraordinary ones.    
      Stories of the Past is a series of stories exploring the history of the city of Tiranis, as well as the world it exist in or sometimes people of importance in it.
      This is excerpt is about 1000 word of a 7,500 word chapter.
      You can read the full story, as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17449797

      A story of the past
      He was toward the back of the camp when there was a flash of light accompanied with an explosion. Something came at him. He only saw it from the lamp light reflecting off it and raised a column of earth to intercept it.
      It thudded against it with enough strength to embedded itself in.
      He walked around to see what kind of projectile it had been. It was a large cooking pot. It was dented and scuffed in place. He looked at the tent, he could see lights in it, hear people talking, he sensed five of them, one of whom was heading for the tent's flap.
      She was human, shoulder length blond hair, although it was wild around her head at the moment. She wore a lab coat over a bright red shirt and yellow pants. The coat had holes in it in places and burned spots.
      Like he did with every human he met, he classified her. She fell squarely in the 'not having sex with her' category. He couldn't tell if it was her crazy color sense, or the slightly mad look in her eyes, but he was going to stay as far from her bed as he could.
      "Good, good," she said, sounding like she was a gun instructor approving of a good shot placement. She stopped in front of him, but her eyes were fixed on the pot. "Nice thing you did there. I don't have to chase this thing to the other end of this place this time around." She grabbed the handles and with a grunt pulled it out, stumbling back a few steps. "No new damage, that's progress at least."
      Without taking her eyes off the pot she offered her hand to the lynx. "I'm Jenn, you can call me that, or Jenny, or Jennifer. Just don't call me late for breakfast." She turned and headed back to the tent before El could shake her hand.
      He watched until she was inside the tent, then followed her in.
      "Stevenson," she called, as El entered. "What was that? You almost killed one of the soldiers. You're lucky there was a hill there to catch the projectile, or you have another black mark on your record."
      The inside was brightly lit, a dozen powerful lamps hung from the ceiling, and each of the six tables had two more on them, among the.... El wasn't sure what to call what was on the tables. Garbage was the only word that came to him.
      Another human, a man this time, Glanced at her. He had short black hair and soot on his face, as well as the lab coat he was wearing over a black shirt with some sort of design on it El couldn't make out.
      "It worked, didn't it?" He was working on...something. El couldn't tell what it was, other than it seemed to be composed of the same kind of garbage that was strewed on the table. He could see a dented oxygen bottle, but with the regularization cap removed. There was also a computer screen, a portable radio; not a communication unit, but one to listen to music, and a blender mixed in with far more items he couldn't identify.
      The human, Stevenson, made an adjustment to the blender.
      "That's obvious, but the plans called for it to be a multi directional explosion, not directed. If it had worked the was the plans said, you would have taken out the entire tent."
      The man looked at her. "What plan?"
      She pointed to a paper on the table. "That plan."
      Stevenson looked at the paper. "who did this stupid thing?"
      "You did. That's the plan you submitted for the weapon you're building."
      "No it isn't. That thing's all wrong. And I have the plan for this in my head. Why would I bother drawing it? It's a wasted of paper."
      "You know it's protocol. Every design has to be submitted to me and approved before being built."
      "Really?" the man seemed surprised by that. He looked at the table, and El noticed that some of the garbage were actually connected to each other, possibly other items the man had built. "Are you sure? Because I don't think I submitted any plans for these either."
      She sighed. "Stevenson, I keep telling you, you need to submit plans before you build anything. This is the army, not your basement. There are procedures to follow."
      "Because I need to understand what you are building so I can explain it to the brass."
      The man scoffed. "You couldn't understand what I'm making even with the plans."
      "Are you saying I'm too dumb to understand your work?"
      The man took the paper and handed it to her. "There you go, have fun trying to understand it."
      She took it. "See, that wasn't so hard." She turned and headed to another table with yet more garbage on it. El looked from on to the other. Hadn't he just handed her the paper that wasn't the plan for what he wasn't making? The man didn't act like he had pull one over her. He was back to work, using a welder on-was that a sink?
      He looked away and around the tent. Two other women and a man, all human, were working on their own things, and showed no signs they had been aware of the discussion between Jennifer and Stevenson.
      The women looked to be anywhere between twenty-five and thirty-five, just like Jennifer, one was dark skinned, the other's skin tone made El think she was from the Mediterranean area, at least when he'd fought in Greece, he'd seen a lot of people with that same tone. Both had a similarly odd color sense, on was dressed in green and copper, the other in black and bronze.
      The man was older, and his lab coat pockets had wrenches and screwdrivers in them. He was bent over some sort of...? El had no idea what that could be.
    • By Kindar in Wishing Game 0
            I moaned in pain slightly. Over the last hour my balls had become so tender that the smallest movement felt like they were being crushed. Jess was right, having blue balls sucked.
            "How are you doing?" Harry asked.
            "Not good," I replied weakly.
            "You should jerk off. You said that would take the edge off."
            "They probably have cameras watching us."
            "Who gives a fuck if they are watching or not. You're in pain, and jerking off will help so just do it."
            He was right, if I didn't do anything it would only get worst. I turned on my back, closed my eyes and did it. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, as soon as I started my imagination kicked in. I guess I was really horny. When I was done I lied back and let out a sigh of relief. The worst of the pain had definitely gone away.
            I wiped my belly fur as best as I could with a hand and licked my hand clean since I wasn't going to wipe it on my pants. I'd still need a shower to clean off the stuff that I couldn't remove by hand.
            "Feeling better I take it?" Harry asked.
            "Yeah, but this is only a stop gap. In not too long I'll probably be in as bad a state."
            "That's ok. I have an idea to help with that." He didn't give me a chance to ask. "I know you guys are watching and listening," he yelled as loud as he could, "so why don't one of you come down here. We have someone who's in pain and he needs help."
            "Are you nuts?" Mike screamed at him, but Harry didn't listen to him he just kept on yelling at our unseen watchers.
            Harry was loud, loud enough that I had to cover my ears. He kept on going for over twenty minutes, only stopping once someone walked in.
            "Listen here." The man said when he was in front of Harry's cell. What I saw of him when he walk by was pretty attractive. He was a few years older than me, blond hair cut short, clean shaven and looking trim under his dark blue suit. He was definitely doable. I closed my eye as I realized where my mind had gone. In the state I was in I'd probably do who ever offered.
            "I'm not here to see to the needs of some sex depraved deviant, or to listen to you scream your head off. So I'm just here to tell you that I'm turning off the sound. You can scream as loud as you want now."
            "What he's going through isn't something he can control. It's a side effect of the wishes he made. You know tigers can have sex hundred of times in a day, right? well, he didn't word it as well as he should have and now he's stuck with their libido. If he doesn't get off he's going to be in pain."
            "So what you expect me to find him a girl or something?"
            "No. just put me in his cell and I'll help him with it."
            My ears perked. Had Harry just said he was going to have sex with me? I had hit on him a few times after he and Pat broke up, but he'd never been interested.
            "You're kidding right? You'd fuck another guy just because he's a friend and he's in pain?"
            "No, I'm going to have sex with my friend because I happen to like having sex with guys, and it's going to help him out."
            The man was silent for a moment. "I'm not supposed to put two to a cell."
            "Come on man, what are we going to do? If we could get out of here we'd have done it already. We're just going to have sex. You can hang around and put me back in my cell after. Considering the state he's in we shouldn't be too long."
            I sat on the edge of the bench, panting in the silence. I was really hoping the guard would agree to it because now that I'd experienced blue balls I didn't want to ever feel that again.
            "Fine, I'll put you two together, but don't try anything."
            "I swear, I won't. All I want to do is help out Jim."
            There was the sound of foot steps, a pause and more steps, those were Harry leaving his cell. Then there was a gasp of surprise, something hitting the wall and crumbling to the ground.
            Mike was up and standing at the edge of the cell looking at what was happening excitingly. I got up and went to the force field of mine.
            "What the fuck?" Harry said. I could now see him studying the wall. The guard was sprawled at his feet, unmoving. "Where's the control panel?"
            "He put his hand on the wall between the fields," Mike said, "about where you're looking."
            A moment later there was a light glow against Harry's face. What ever else happened didn't please him. He grabbed he guard's hand and lifted it to the wall. There was that glow again, but this time Harry was please with what ever had happened.
            He dragged the guard to the other side of my cell and did the same thing on that wall. There was a slight flicker in front of me, like the channel had jumped for a moment and when I tested the space where the force field had been, there was nothing.
            "I take it we're not having sex." I said as I followed Harry dragging the guard to Mike's cell.
            He placed the man's hand against the wall. I couldn't see any kind of marks indicating there was something there, but when the hand made contact a square of light appeared around it and Mike's force field flickered off too."No, sorry. I'd rather we take care of that after we've gotten out of here." He moved on to Pat's cell. "Are you going to be ok until then?"
            "I know how long that's going to take, but hopefully I'll manage."
            "Good. Can you carry him?" Harry asked after he'd removed the IV needled from Pat's arm.
            I picked him up, and the lightness of his body reminded me that the muscles I had weren't just for show. I was much stronger than I had been before.
            "How are we doing this?" Mike asked, "are we sneaking out?"
            "No, they've probably already seen that we're out of our cells so we need to make a straight line for the outside."
            Mike rubbed his hands together. "Good, that means I get to smash anything in our way."
            "Try not to hurt anyone too badly."
            "No promises." Mike headed directly for the metal door and ripped it off its hinges.
            We made it down the corridor before encountering a pair of guards. Mike was on them before they had time to take out they guns. He just grabbed them by the collars and slammed them against the wall. They fell to the floor and didn't move.
            "Elevators are that way," he said, indicating the junction on the left with a nod.
            "Good," Harry replied, "the stairs should be nearby."
            "Why bother with the stairs?" Mike asked as we headed in that direction.
            "You really want to lock yourself in a box that someone else can control?" Harry replied curtly.
            "What do we care what floor they have us get off? Me and Jim can take care of anyone they throw at us."
            "Only if you're conscious. I'm willing to bet Jim wouldn't be affected, but I doubt he would be able to handle carrying the three of us and deal with any opposition. You take the elevator if you want. The three of us are sticking with the stairs." Harry speed up.
            I just shrugged as I walked by Mike, accelerating to avoid being left behind. I heard him grunt and then run to get in front of Harry.
            "Fine, but stay behind me, you're not bullet proof."
            As Harry had guessed there was a stairwell not a hundred feet from the elevators. I was surprised that no alarm sounded when Mike pushed it open. The stairs were large, me and Harry could easily fit side by side in them. Painted in the wall by the door in red was 'S3'.
            "We're going up," Harry said. He didn't get any argument.
            The ground floor was announced by a large red 'L'.
            Mike opened the door a little and peeked. "ok, I can't see the main entrance, but all the light's coming from the right, so that's were I'm guessing they are."
            "Did you see anyone?" Harry asked.
            "The only people I heard," I added, "were in the distance. I don't think there's anyone near this corridor."
            "Good, then as soon as we're out the door we go left."
            Mike gave Harry an incredulous look. "You're kidding right? the door's right there."
            "Yeah, with a lot of witness to watch us leave. I'd rather go out the back way and avoid making a scene."
            It looked for a moment like Mike was going to argue, but instead he looked out the door and quickly went left. I followed him with Harry right behind me. I knew Harry was right, but I didn't feel good heading deeper into the building.
            We made a couple of turns until we ended up in a larger corridor that seemed to cross the entire building.
            "Which direction?" Mike asked Harry.
            Harry took a moment to reply so I offered. "I think the back of the building is that way," I pointed to the left. "I can hear something that sounds like cars coming from there," I nodded to the right, "so that's probably the front."
            "Sounds good to me," Harry said and headed to the left.
            "Is this place being empty making you guys as nervous as I am?" I asked softly. Except for the two guards we hadn't encountered anyone at all.
            "It's the middle of the morning so everyone's probably in their offices." Harry offered.
            "Or they've emptied the place because they know we're out of our cells." Mike countered.
            "Not exactly helping," Harry said.
            Mike looked over his shoulder, "maybe not, but which one sounds more plausible to you?" Just as he finished saying that three guards rapidly turned the corner, gun drawn.
            "Shit," I muttered and turned. Harry was a dozen steps behind me so I lobed Pat at him. "Catch. Stay behind us." I added when he was holding him.
            I ran next to Mike as the men fired at us. At first I wasn't sure they were actually shooting at us since their guns were completely silent. Even with my enhanced hearing I didn't hear a thing, but I felt them sting.
            Fortunately they didn't hit anything that slowed me down so that I reach one of the men before he could think of running off. I back handed him and he flew against the wall. I heard a loud crunch when he hit and rushed to him fearful I had killed him.
            He still had a pulse so I sighed in relief. I hear Mike take care of the other two behind me. When I looked at him he was holding two limp forms by the collar. At his feet were their guns and a pool of crushed metal pellets.
            Curious I picked up a handful and found one that was almost intact. It was a small bearing not even an eighth of an inch diameter. I wondered what kind of gun fired bearings for a moment before Harry elbows me.
            "Come on, we need to get out of here before they send more people after us."
            We made it to the loading docks with only one other confrontation, this time we surprised the guards and they were unconscious before they could draw their guns.
            Outside we were in a narrow alley, hardly wide enough for two cars.
            "Were to now?" I asked.
            "We need to find someplace to hide until we can figure things out." Harry said looking around.
            "You guys go hide," Mike said, "I need to go find Jess."
            "We can't split up. We need to stick together through this."
            "Yeah? According to what rulebook? This isn't a comic book Harry. We aren't four friends who were given powers to fight the good fight. All I want is to make sure my boyfriend's ok."
            Harry grabs Mike's arms as the man was turning away "Fine, but don't run off right now." Mike looked at him, they both knew that if he decided to there was nothing Harry could do to stop him. "Give me five minutes to at least come up with a way for us to stay in contact. We can't afford to completely lose track of each other."
            "Fine," Mike said, "but make it quick because they are bound to check here."
            While Harry thought things over Mike just leaned against the wall while I looked around. All I could see at the end of the alley was another highrise As I looked up I saw part of the logo.
            "Guys," I said, "I think we're downtown."
            "You're kidding."
            I pointed at the building. "Unless you know where IBM owns another highrise I know where we are."
            "Ok, I know how we can do it." Harry said, "We're going to use Craig's list."
            Mike looked at him, "how the hell is that going to allow that?"
            Harry took a moment to calm himself. Even I was starting to get fed up with Mike's attitude. "when ever we need to reach the others just put an add there with the header "looking to sell five calico kitten" then in the body make sure that every sixth word forms the place and time were you want to meet up. Give it a few days in case we might not be able to online every day."
            "You expect us to manage to make an add using . . ."
            Harry cut him off. "Stop acting like such an idiot Mike. It doesn't take a genius to arrange words around to make something that will look like an ad even just a little."
            Mike looked at him for a moment. "Yeah, sure, what ever." He turned and walked away. "You guys have fun," he said with a waving at us.
            "What the hell is wrong with him?" Harry asked when Mike was a small shape in the distance.
            "Stress I'm guessing, and he's worried about Jess."
            "Yeah, I guess so. But I've never seen that turn him in a jerk before."
            "Different level and kind of stress." I said.
            "Could be. Anyway, he has the right idea. We should get out of here." He started walking.
            I stayed where I was. "I think it's best if I head out on my own."
            Harry turned. "What are you talking about? I meant it when I told Mike we had to stick together."
            "Look at me Harry. A much as we'd like to, I can't exactly walk out on the street and blend in. You take Pat and you find a safe place. I'll keep an eye out on the net for your message."
            "Where are you going to go?"
            "I know a few people who'll take me in even looking like this. I'll use back alleys to make my way to them."
            "We can go with you. I mean it's not like we have any urgent appointment to keep here."
            "No, somehow I don't think it'll be easy to sneak three people around the alleys. You find a place to wait out Pat. Once he's awake you two hide and figure out a way to get us all out of this mess."
            Harry hesitated a moment but then nodded. "Ok, I don't know how long it'll take but we'll find a solution."
            I nodded and waited. Since he didn't start moving I turned and headed toward the other end of the alley.
            It took me most of the day to travel maybe one mile. Not to say I had to deal with my blue balls.  I had to jerk off every hour or so just so I could keep walking. I had to borrow, well steal, some clothes to cover myself up. Every so often I had to cross an open road and by the time I reached the other side I was shaking like a leaf from the stress.
            But finally, a bit after supper time, I found myself in front of a small two story house with red brown bricks, a recently rebuilt porch painted light blue and a perfectly manicured lawn.
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            I stared at him mouth open. I couldn't believe Mike had just said we should wish all of this away.
            "No," Jess said resolutely.
            Mike looked at him in surprise. "You can't be serious. Not after the way you freaked out this morning."
            Jess cupped his cheeks. "Honey, I was surprised. Yeah, I never expected this to happen, but it is something I've always wanted. I don't have to settle with being a drag queen anymore; I'm a bonafide female impersonator."
            "I don't want things to change either," I stated.
            Mike looked at me and rolled his eyes. "'course not," he muttered.
            "How about you?" he asked Pat.
            Pat leaned against the table, looking worn. He looked at the four of us and then at his hands. He looked completely lost for a moment and then he closed his eyes. "I, I don't know," he said, rubbing a hand over his face. "I wi . . . I wish I'd known it was going to come true so I could have put a few more caveats on it works. The way things are though? I just don't know."
            "The point's moot anyway," Harry said, "we can't change what happened." He was looking at us with a slightly disinterested expression as he took another swig form the juice bottle.
            "What do you mean?" Mike asked, "you still have one wish."
            "Yeah, but if you remember the wording, it has to be a selfish wish. I defy you to convince me to want to wish myself back to being an idiot." He put a lot of anger behind the word 'idiot' and stared directly at Mike as he said it, literally daring him to try.
            "Great, that's just great." Mike grumbled.
            "I don't see why you have such a problem with this," Harry added. "You've got strength, invulnerability and handsomeness"
            "Not that you ever needed *that*, dear," Jess commented on the handsomeness.
            Mike looked at his boyfriend and a small smiled cracked his dour face, widening to an open mouth grin. I swear I saw the light reflect on his teeth as he did that.
            "Good," Harry said as he rubbed his hands together, "now that's settled, how about we get out of this place. I'm hungry and I can hear books calling my name."
            That seemed to settle it, we left Harry's condo. Harry and Pat were walking in front of me on the way to the elevators. Harry placed an arm around Pat's shoulders, but the other man shrugged it off. The football player's body tensed for a moment and I caught a smell off him that my brain identified as disappointment.
            I was surprised that I could identify the smell, as well as Harry's reaction; I would never have guessed that he still carried a torch for his ex. Behind me Jess was still telling Mike how everything was going to be ok.
            The ride down the elevator was in silence. I distracted myself by identifying the multiple smells contained inside the cage. Someone had brought groceries in recently, and my stomach growled in response. I hadn't eaten anything yet either.
            I got a few amused glances and I just shrugged as the door opened. We stepped out in the empty lobby and I heard something rip.
            Jess cursed as I turned around. His shirt had caught on a burr and there was a long rip along his sleeve. I stifled a chuckle as he slowed down his walk to try to fix it. Jess' vanity wasn't quite legendary, but it was impressive. Even Mike shook his head in amusement and kept on walking. Jess would catch up to us once he was happy he looked presentable.
            We stepped outside the building to an odd sight. Police cars were parked in the street, with officers behind them, holding guns and riffles. The strangest thing was that they were pointing them at us. On the other side of the street, behind a barricade was a crowd of people and standing out in the group of men in blue was a man in a gray suit talking with one of the officer.
            Mike, Pat, Harry and I looked at each other as we stepped forward, almost more out of curiosity to find out what was going on than anything else I think.
            I heard a cacophony of guns being cocked. "Do not move," Yelled one of the officers. He didn't have to use a megaphone since there was barely thirty feet separating them from us. "Stay where you are, get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head."
            "Guns and riffles jam!" Pat yelled in return, at the top of his lungs.
            Harry took another step. "What seems to be the problem?" his voice carried without him having to yell.
            "I said; don't move." The same officer repeated. "Just get own on your knees, put your hands behind your head and everything will be okay."
            "We haven't done anything wrong," Harry said, but he tensed, He'd noticed too that a few of the officers had tried to fire their guns. They were now looking at them and each other, trying to figure out why nothing had happened.
            "We're just doing our job, son. You and your friends need to come with us."
            I wasn't paying attention to the officer anymore, the man in the suit was talking on his cell phone and I was trying to make out what he was saying. Unfortunately the noise made by the officers made that impossible.
            A moment later something stung my back, hard enough to really hurt. With a growl of pain I worked at reaching that spot. When I did I pulled a dart out. I turned toward where it had to come and another one hit me in the chest. I pulled it out too and I roared in anger, trying to see where it was coming from. A few more hit me but I ignored them, obviously what ever they contained didn't affect me.
            "Pat?" Mike kneeled next to him. He was sprawled on the ground and Mike was shaking him, trying to wake him. I saw that Harry was also on the ground, unconscious.
            I slowly turned, a growled coming from deep inside me, I looked at the cops and roared. Everyone cowered back, except for the man in the suit. He was still talking on the phone while looking at me. Since of everyone here he was the only one not afraid I figured he was the one in charge.
            I ran toward him and I saw signs that he was getting nervous. Just as I was about to jump over a police car something hit me in the back so hard that I crashed in the car, smashing the window. I used the car to help me up, not paying attention to the red stuff I could see plastered on the door, I was too intent on the man.
            I was standing again when another hit sent me in the car again. This time I caught the faint sound of the shot being fired. I never stopped looking at the man as I stood again. He was definitely nervous now.
            "He's healing, are you hearing me?" he said. I could hear him now since he was almost screaming. "Make it a head shot for God's sake!"
            I heard the shot almost at the same time as my head was slammed against the hood of the police car and the world went black.
            * * * * *
            I have to say I never expected to wake up. When I'd called the healing ability 'Wolverine level' I hadn't really considered the extent of what that meant. Now I remembered reading a comic where he put a claw through his own brain. The reason why he'd done it escaped me, but he'd survived something that should have been fatal.
            So had I.
            I opened my eyes and they adjusted automatically to the bright light. I looked around the completely white room. Well, except for the missing wall opposite where I was lying.
            I did expect to feel pain, just not where it was coming from. My head felt fine, so did my body, there was no indication I'd been shot, not even the telltale sign of pink skin. No, what was hurting were my balls. How long had I been unconscious?
            I sat up cautiously, my balls were pretty tender. I looked for my cell so I could check the time, but my pockets had been emptied. I hoped I was close to the twenty four hour mark, because this was pretty annoying. I didn't want to think it might be getting more painful.
            I stood and headed out of this room. Only to hit an invisible wall that gave me quite the electrical shock, sending me reeling back.
            "Watch it, those thing sting." I recognized Mike's voice and realized that there was another cell in front of mine. Mike was sitting in the bench, watching me.
            "Thanks for the warning," I grumble. I moved back close to the force field, rubbing my muzzle, which had taken the brunt of the shock and looked around. On each side of Mike were other cells.
            In the one right next to him I could see Pat on a stretcher. "What's wrong with Pat?" I asked him.
            "He's been sedated," came the answer, but from the cell on my right, in front of Pat's. It was Harry.
            "Are you ok Harry?"
            There was a sigh. "I'm fine. The hangover passed hours ago."
            I sat down and leaned back. "How did they get you?" I asked Mike.
            "They rushed me and then gassed me. I think I hurt a few of them," he said remorsefully. "I should have wished for his super breath instead."
            "I know what you mean," I said as I rested my head against the wall.
            Mike snorted, "right, like you'd have done it different."
            "Excuse me?" I said looking at him. "Do you really think this is what I would have wished for if I'd known it was going to come true?"
            Mike Snorted again. "Of course you would have. Being one of those furry things with an out of control sex drive's always been your dream."
            I stared at him, momentarily speechless. Was that what he though of me? I walked to the force field. "You really think I'm some sort of freak don't you?" I growled. "You with the perfect life, the perfect job and the prefect boyfriend," I added with derision.
            "Hey!" Mike snapped, standing too. "What, you think I'm happy with this?" he was yelled, showing me his hands. "I'm afraid of touching Jess 'cause I might break him in half if I'm not careful."
            "Boo hoo hoo," I mocked loudly, "cry me a river why don't you. At least you're able to go outside without having the cops shooting you."
            "You've always wanted to be different, well now you've got your wish so stop bitching."
            "Shut up!" Harry said before I could reply. "Will the two of you just shut the fuck up!" He sighed loudly. "Did one of us wish for you two to become children or what?"
            "Sorry," I said meekly as I went back to the bench.
            Mike was still angry at me, I could tell, but he looked at Harry and when he spoke his voice was controlled. "What about you? Have you been able to think of a way out?"
            "No, I haven't," he answered flatly.
            "How come? I thought you were a genius now. Shouldn't you be able to think of a way to turn off those force fields; reverse the polarity or something?"
            "I might be a genius," Harry responded, and I could hear the glare he gave Mike from the tone, "but I'm an uneducated genius. Give me a couple of books on electronics and structural supports and I would have us out of here in a jiffy. Without those we're stuck."
            "How about using . . ."
            "I can't." Harry interrupted.
            "What do you mean? Don't you still . . ."
            "I just can't ok? Just leave it."
            Harry was spared Mike's reply because we heard a door open and close. In the following silence came the sounds of footsteps. A few moments later a man in his late sixties came into view.
            He was a little shorter and heavier set than I used to be, but he wore it much better. Actually with the well cut beige suit and crown of silver hair he looked pretty damn good. He stopped before our cells and held his hands before him.
            Looking at him standing there silently he looked a grand father, kind and understanding. Of course, since he was on the other side of the force field I was pretty sure the image was false, but it was still there.
            "I'm guessing you're the guy in charge," Mike said with derision.
            The man turned around to study him. "No, I am not," he replied after a moment, in a deep voice. "My name is Joel Montgomery, I am here to evaluate you."
            "So it's Judge, jury and executioner kind of thing?"
            "Please Mister Marcozy, this is the United States. I am here to talk with all of you, once that is done it is my hope that I will be able to tell my superiors, the actual 'people in charge' as you put it, that you are sound of mind and pose no threat to the general population."
            "All of us?" Harry asked, "How about Pat?"
            Joel stepped in front of the cell and looked at him, lying on his cot. "I am afraid that Mister Lennon will have to remain under sedation, at least until we have secured a cell that is not so reliant on technology." He turned back to us. "We saw him command the police's weapons, so we would prefer not to give him the opportunity to let any of you out. I am certain that you are good people, but considering your current circumstance I am doubtful that you were be inclined to remain here if you were given the choice."
            "You got that right," Mike snarled.
            "Michael just stay quiet, will you?" Harry said with a sigh of exasperation. "You aren't helping the situation right now. I take it these aren't our new permanent residences then?"
            "Hardly," the old man answered, "this is merely an evaluation station. I am highly confident that once I am done you and Mister Marcozy will be allowed to leave."
            "What about me?" I asked.
            The man moved closer to my cell. The way he looked at me I could tell that even with his age he didn't need glasses. "I fear that you pose a different problem. Your appearance is the issue. Allowing you to move about the population will make it difficult to keep the existence of Wishers hidden."
            "What's a Wisher?" I asked him.
            "That would be the four of you. I would hazard a guess that rather recently you made one of more wishes, probably simply as a way to pass the time, without any belief that they would come true."
            "We're not the first ones, are we?" Harry asked and continues without waiting for an answer. "This place is set up to deal with people who can do things out of the ordinary. You wouldn't have something like this if it hadn't happened before."
            Joel nodded. "You are correct. In fact the first time we became aware of Wishers was during the Great War. We have come across other Wishers since that time, but I believe that you are the first group we have found so close to when the wishes were granted. When did you realize your wishes had come true?"
            Mike looked from me to Harry with a definitive shake of the head.
            "Sometime during the night," Harry answered.
            Mike glared at him.
            "Harry. You sure it's wise to tell him?" was all I said.
            "What do you want to do? We're not really in a position to hold anything back. You and Mike might be able to withstand what ever torture they put us through to get the info, but I'm just a regular guy."
            "You are hardly normal anymore; Mister Marcozy called you a genius. How smart are you now?"
            "He's smarter then Einstein," Mike offered sharply.
            I rolled my eyes at his behavior. I'd never seen Mike act like that.
            Joel looked at him over his shoulder before focusing back on Harry. "How many wishes did each of you make?"
            "Two each," Harry said.
            The old man raised an eyebrow. "Only two?"
            "Yeah. That was the game we played last night. Two selfish wishes."
            "And what did you wish for?"
            There was a moment of silence. "Pat wished to be able to talk to machines, and have them obey what he said. Mike wanted super strength and invulnerability. Jim went for the tiger form and healing."
            "What bout you?"
            "I wished to be smarter than my friends put together."
            "What was the second one?"
            Harry hesitated again. "I had to use the second one to lower my IQ," he said with definite embarrassment in his tone.
            Joel cracked a smile. "I see. Where were you when you made the wishes?"
            "We were at a diner on . . . I, I don't remember where it was."
            "Are you trying to protect someone there?" Joel asked.
            "No, I was rather drunk when we got there. Either one of you remember where it was?" he called out.
            I tried to recall, but I had been pretty drunk myself, and I hadn't really been paying attention, Jess was telling a story about something happening backstage at one of the shows, I couldn't even remember what *that* had been about, and his stories were always memorable.
            "Not really," Mike said, "I think it was named after the street it was on."
            "Me neither; I don't remember anything about how we got there, except," I added as a though resurfaced, "something about doing some cleaning. Does that make any sense?" I had no idea where it had come from but I clearly remembered thinking about cleaning my place as we got close.
            "Broom's Diner," Mike suggested after a moment of silence.
            "That's right," Harry picked up, "near the corner of Broom and . . . Damn it, I can't remember that either."
            "That is quite alright, I believe that is enough information so we can start the investigation."
            I lied down on the bench; my balls were getting more painful by the minute.
            "This place seems rather high tech," Harry said, "how did you build it?"
            "As I said, you are not the first Wishers we have come across. In the Twenties it became obvious we needed a way to secure Wishers so we build this facility. In the Forties we found a Wisher who like you gained a higher intellect and he upgraded the facilities. In the early Eighties we found one who could build virtually anything he could imagine."
            He chuckled and I could hear in his tone that he was reminiscing a little when he started talking again. "Poor Seth was very much out there, like he would say. He added the force field and quite a few other things. Now we use this facility to house Wisher we can't be certain can be contained in other ways."
            "When you let us out, is there any chance I can meet him?" Harry asked, "I'd love to discuss how he built it."
            "I am certain that can be arranged, although it might take some time. The last news I heard from him he was taking himself off the grid, somewhere in the mountains I believe."
            "That's ok, there's no hurry. Once you're done here what happens? You call your boss and tell him to let us go?"
            "No, I will be making my report in person. You and Mister Marcozy should be released within the next forty eight hours. In spite of his attitude I believe that it will be safe to allow him in the general population; after a course on etiquette, of course. Unless you have other questions for me I shall see to it."
            "I'm good, how about you two?" Harry asked.
            Neither Mike nor I replied, so Joel left.
            I curled up and tried to wish the pain away.
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            Something buzzed loudly.
            I groaned in complaint, my face buried in my pillow and blindly smacked the side table trying to hit the snooze button. I connected with something and it fell to the floor.
            The buzzing stopped.
            I sighed in relief and went back to sleep.
            The buzzing started again.
            "For god's sake," I whined as I pulled a pillow over my head to muffle the noise, "stop it already."
            The buzzing stopped a few second later, but the damage was already done. I was awake. I stayed like that for a moment, head sandwiched between two pillows hoping I'd be able to fall asleep again, but it didn't happen.
            With a sigh I turned on my side, keeping my eyes closed. I might be awake, but there was no way I was going to acknowledge that fact without protest. Through my eyelids I could tell the sun was up, and that it was bright. Maybe it was late enough that it was worth getting up.
            I slowly sat at the edge of the bed. I didn't want my head to ring any louder than it had to, and I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't ring at all. It was definitely later than I thought if my hangover was gone. I stretched with a jaw breaking yawn and then rubbed my face. I immediately opened my eyes when my hand touched my face, the shape was all wrong.
            The room was immensely bright for a moment as I opened my eyes and then it faded to normal level. The first thing I noticed as I pulled my hand away was that there was fur on it. It was orange with small black stripes. It went up my arm to my shoulder, chest . . .
            I touched my face again, not quite believing what I saw; the shape that had felt wrong was a muzzle. On top of my head, among the hair I had two fan like ears; they twitched under my touch. I slowly looked behind me and a tail lay on the bed; it started twitching as a grin spread on my face.
            I ran to the bathroom. I had to confirm what I thought I was seeing.
            In the mirror over the sink a tiger's face looked back at me. The top of its muzzle and forehead were orange with black stripes. It had an uneven white mask around caramel coloured eyes and the fluffy white fur from its belly went up its neck, under its muzzle and up its cheeks. I wriggled *my* cheek and the whiskers moved in response.
            I guess I should have been stunned, confused and maybe even scared, but only one thought was in my head. "This is the coolest dream ever," I said out loud. My voice had gone down at least an octave. There was no way Jess would tell me I could pass myself off as a woman over the phone anymore.
            I looked at my hands again, there was no fur on the palm and the underside of my fingers, but the skin was tougher than it had been. I ran a finger across is; I didn't seem to have lost any of the sensitivity there. I flexed my fingers, and claws came out from their tip. They weren't big, maybe half an inch in length, but they were sharp.
            I ran a hand along my arm. I could feel the muscles under the fur, they felt hard. I tightened the bicep and it got bigger, large enough that I could see some definition through the fur. I was ecstatic; I'd never had anything I could call muscles before. After that I ran my hand down my stomach. I couldn't see them because the fur was longer, but I could feel the six pack there.
            My eyes moved further down almost of their own accord. I don't know how I had managed to wait this long before looking at it, but my cock was standing proud. It was long and thick. I knew that it would be almost nine inch in length if I measured it since everything else matched the image of my dream lover perfectly. I ran a finger along the short barbs and my entire body shivered at the pleasure I felt.
            I was able to resist jerking off long enough to look at my legs. They too were muscular. The white belly fur continued down over my balls and on the inside of my legs, although it became shorter and came to a point under my knees. My feet were fully human, except for the fur and claws.
            Once that was done I came back to my balls. I wrapped a hand around them; they were more than a handful now, and massaging them felt much better than before. The ways I could go about pleasuring myself flashed in my head.
            I could spend weeks exploring the different ways this body reacted to stimulation, but I realized there was one thing I wanted to try before I had any chance to wake up. I sat down on the floor, hooked my arms under my knees and . . . lets just say that I confirmed that I was very flexible, that doing it myself was fun, but it didn't beat getting someone else to do to me and that it taste much better than it used to.
            Once I was done and had taken time to catch my breath I figured I should go outside, see what the world looked like through these new eyes. Getting dressed proved to be easy. The nice thing about being over weight is that it's easier to tighten a belt than try to loosen it past its last hole.
            It did occur to me that since this was a dream I didn't really have to wear anything, but everything felt so real that I decided to just go with it. I did have to forgo shoes. My feet had increased in size like the rest of me so none of those I had fit. I didn't think it would matter much. The sole of my feet was like my palm, but more so; the skin was hard and I couldn't feel all that much when I pressed on it. I wasn't going to test it by walking on broken glass, but I was confident I could do it without hurting myself.
            I finally checked the time when I unplugged my cell, it was almost eleven and I had a message.
            "Jim, it's Pat. Something really weird's going on here and Harry's not answering his phone." He sounded really worried. "Can you call me as soon as you get this, please?"
            I spent the ride down to the ground floor trying to figure out how I was going to hold my cell to my ear and still be able to talk in it. I waved to the guard and ignored his shocked expression; I wasn't going to let other's reactions bother me inside my own dream.
            I dialed Pat's number and put the phone to my ear, the only solution I'd come up with was to talk louder.
            "Jim! Thank God you called. Are you ok?" Jim asked, frantic.
            "Of course I'm fine."
            There was a moment's hesitation. "Are you sure you're ok. You're voice sounds odd."
            I swallowed a chuckle. He was in for a surprise when he saw me. "Must be a problem with the phone. What's going on?" I smiled at the people on the sidewalk, amused at their fearful reactions.
            "Harry's not answering his phone. I'm scared something's happened to him."
            "Are you sure he hasn't just left already?"
            "Of course I'm sure," he answered harshly, "his coach called me to find out why he's missed his flight."
            "Ok, ok, no need to bite my head off. What can I do?"
            "Can you meet us at Harry's place? Sounds like you're the only one of us that's ok."
            "Yeah, sure. I'll grab a taxi and head there directly." I hung up and flagged the first taxi I saw. Instead of slowing down he sped up so I flagged another one, who did the same thing.
            "Fine," I said under my breath, "if that's the game we're going to play." I stepped in front of the next one.
            It screeched to a halt and before the driver even had time to realize what had happened I was sitting in the back. "I need to go to fifty-eight fifty-three Grand Alley," I told him as I put a fifty through the grill separating us.
            The driver was staring at me in the mirror, not moving. What I could see of his reflection made him a good looking guy, black curly hair, square clean shaven jaw with a slight tan. If the rest of his body looked like I imagined it, I'd happily do him.
            I tapped the grill, making the fifty fall on his side. "I'm in a bit of a hurry, how about you start driving instead of staring?" I gave him a smile that exposed my teeth. His head snapped forward and with a strangled 'yes sir' the car sped off.
            I spent the ride imagining what I could do with the driver. I didn't try to guess what was going on with Pat or Harry, or even where the dream might be going. I'd never had a dream before where I'd realize I was dreaming so I didn't know if there was any kind of rules. Since I wanted this to last as long as possible I was simply going to go along with everything.
            "How much do I owe you?" I asked once the car stopped in front of Harry's building.
            "It's ok," the driver answered nervously, "it's all covered."
            I took out two twenties. "I'm serious, that was just to get you to drive faster."
            "It's really ok," he said quickly, a pleading look on his face. "Please, I have to go pickup another fare."
            "Oh, yeah, sure." I stepped out of the taxi and leaned back in. "Any chance I can get your number?" I barely had the time to get my head out of the way as he slammed his foot down on the gas. "I'll take that as a no," I said as I watched the car speed away.
            I turned and walked toward my friends who were standing near the entrance to the building. The three of them wore a shocked expression on their face, but Mike looked really good with it. I couldn't put my finger in it, but he looked much better than usual, and he usually looked pretty good.
            "I thought you said you were ok." Pat almost yelled as I got closer. He looked like he'd slept in the clothes he was wearing. I realized he was wearing the same clothes as last night, so he had slept in them. And as I got close enough I could also tell he hadn't showered.
            "I am ok."
            Pat looked me up and down. "You call *that* being ok?"
            "Of course," I replied and then nodded to Mike, "looking good Mike. Hi Jess."
            "What the hell is wrong with you?" Pat actually yelled this time.
            I looked at him, trying to understand why he was such a basket case today. "I'm fine," I reassured him, "as long as I don't wake up, I'm just perfect."
            Pat stared at me in astonishment.
            "Jim, honey, this isn't a dream."
            I smiled at Jess. "Of course it is. I don't look like this when I'm awake."
            Mike rolled his eyes. "You really think you're dreaming?" he asked me in a very annoyed tone. I nodded. "Then this should wake you up." And he slapped me.
            At least that's what the motion was.
            When his hand connected with my cheek there was so much force behind it that my head spun away, and the rest of my body followed. I spun in the air and crashed to the ground with a groan.
            "Ouch," I said as I turned on my back. Saying that also hurt.
            "Shit Jim, I'm sorry. I forgot, I'm still not used to being so strong."
            I didn't really pay attention to what he was saying. I was touching my tender jaw; it was crooked. Mike's blow had broken my lower jaw. As I realized that I felt a sharp pain, and it moved back in place. After that there was no pain, even my cheek felt fine.
            When I paid attention to Mike again Jess was scolding him. "There was no need to do that. I could just as easily pinched him."
            "Pinching isn't a proof of anything," I said before I could stop myself.
            Jess glared at me. "Do you want me to tell Mike to hit you again?"
            "No, that's ok. I believe you. I'm not dreaming."
            Mike offered his hand and pulled me up. I looked at my hands again. I'd gotten my wish. I was the tiger I'd imagine being, and I had Wolverine's healing ability. Which mean that my other wish had also come true. I looked at where the cab had been parked. I had twenty hours or so to get laid before I got the blue balls I'd wanted to experience. Based on the reaction of everyone I came across today I was going to have them for quite a while.
            I looked at Jess to get my mind off that thought. "You don't look any different," I said.
            "That's because I was smart to say I could transform into a woman, unlike a dufus I know who got himself stuck looking like a fur rug."
            "You should have heard him scream this morning when he changed for the first time." Mike said.
            Jess glared at him. "Hey, I was surprised. I would have like to seen you react to seeing someone else in the mirror."
            I kept my mouth shut.
            "Still," Mike continued, "you shrieked like a girl."
            "That's because I *was* a girl." Jess retorted.
            "Are we done with the comedy routine already?" Pat growled angrily. "For all we know Harry's dying and you guys are standing here wasting time."
            "Calm down, dear," Jess said trying to sooth him, "you have no way of knowing that anything's wrong with him."
            "We got our wishes, right?" I asked. "He just wanted to be smart, how dangerous can that be? He probably just got lost in some science book he finally understands."
            "Alright," Pat replied, taking a deep breath, "can we still hurry up and go check in on him?"
            "Ok," Mike said before turning to me, "you're probably going to want to stay out of view until we're back."
            I tried to raise an eyebrow, and instead felt an ear tilt sideways. "Look around, it's a little late for that." A crowd had started gathering at a safe distance. "The cat's out of the bag."
            Jess groaned and Pat rolled his eyes. "You never were in the fucking bag to start with." With that he turned and headed for the door.
            I smiled at Mike and shrugged as I walked by him to follow Pat. The entrance door required an electronic key to unlock, or to be buzzed in by the guard, but Pat simply said "open" as he put his hand on the handle and the door opened when he pushed it. He did the same thing for the door leading from the lobby to the elevator and then pressed the elevator call button.
            The three of us stood next to him as he fidgeted and pressed the button again. I looked at the indicators and all six elevators were going up.
            "Come on," Pat grumbled as he looked at them too. "Hurry up and get down here already." A moment later all the number started moving down, very fast.
            The elevator to our far right was the first one to ding and open its door. Before we could go to it the one right to our left dinged and then the one in front of us. As we watch the four people in it hold on to the rail for dear life the other three elevators dinged.
            "Sorry," said Pat as he stepped on.
            I got on next and the man and three women recoiled at my presence. Before Mike could get on they fled the elevator. With all of us on Pat pressed the button for the forty-third floor.
            Harry's number was fifty eight, it was a corner unit. I was sometime jealous of his condo, but all I had to do was remember that he paid three times more than I did and I was ok with my tenth floor, middle of the wall apartment.
            Pat put a hand on the handle and whispered "lock, open." The light on the door lock turned green.
            "Why are you whispering?" Jess asked, also in a whisper.
            "My voice carries too far here." He answered at a normal volume, "If I'm not careful every lock that hears it will do what I say. I caused a power failure in my neighborhood this morning. I yelled at all the appliance in my house to shut down because they were too loud, but my window was open and there was a power box right at the corner of my house." He pushed the door, but the chain on the inside prevented it from opening. "Damn him and his locks." He put his shoulder against the door and forced it.
            "Harry," Pat called as the chain snapped. "Harry!" Pat ran to the body lying on the living room floor.
            We gathered around the jock. He was on his back, eyes opened and glazed over, drool running down the side of his mouth.
            Pat shook him before looking up at us. "What the hell's wrong with him? How can becoming smart leave him like that?"
            I didn't have a clue. It was Jess who offered a possibility.
            "I think he's too smart." He said softly.
            "How can he be too smart? Are you saying he should have remained a dumb jock?"
            "Of course not, but he wished to be smarter than the four of us put together. We're all pretty smart to start with so that give him and IQ of what, four or five hundred? At that level he can probably grasp the entire universe."
            "What's wrong with understanding the universe?"
            Jess knelt next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Honey, it doesn't matter how smart he is. I don't think the human mind is capable of holding all the information needed to understand the universe."
            "So what are we suppose to do with him then? Hook him up to a machine that's going to keep him alive for the rest of his life?"
            "He still got two wishes." I said.
            Pat glared at me. "And how much help is that with him in this state? How are you going to get him to say his wish?"
            "Jim's right," Mike said, "and we don't have to get him to say it. We never used the word 'say' only 'make'. As long as he can make his wish it should come true."
            "But how can we get him to make it. Is he even still in there?" Pat asked, almost panicking
            "You're going to have to get through to him." Jess told him.
            Pat nodded resolutely. "Right, so all I have to do is talk him into wishing he was less smart."
            "Use a number," Mike said, "using 'less smart' is too vague. You have no way of knowing how Harry or the wish will interpret it."
            "Ok, what number then?"
            "Well," Jess said, "I think Einstein IQ was two hundred."
            Pat looked at him and nodded. "Two fifty then. There's no way I'm going to have Harry be dumber than that guy."
            Pat lay next to the football player. "Harry, it's Patrick." He spoke softly, but with my keen hearing I had no problem listening in.
            I folded my ears against my head and went into Harry's bedroom; it was the furthest room, and with the door closed I couldn't hear what Pat was saying. I didn't want to hear it, it too much of a reminder of what they had shared once and thrown away. Of something I'd never even gotten a taste of.
            Harry's bedroom wasn't the center of vanity you'd expect of a football player on the road to stardom. There was only one football related picture on the wall and it wasn't of Harry. It was a team picture of the college team he'd played on. The other two on the walls were a print of a mountain as one of a cloudy sky.
            On the night table was a picture of his parents and sister. I'd never met them, but he'd shown me pictures before. Next to it was one with two young boys; nephews I guessed.
            I'd never been in this room before, and the urge to snoop was pretty strong, but I went to the attached bathroom instead for a glass of water. Drinking with a muzzle took some getting use to. I managed it, but about half the content ended up running down my chin. I was going to have to remember to buy larger glasses for my place or I'd have to start lapping water out of a bowl.
            I'd just finished toweling the floor dry when I heard Par yell Harry's name, so I rushed back to the living room. Harry was sitting, still looking dazed.
            Pat grabbed Harry's head and turned it so he would look at him. "Are you ok?"
            It took Harry a moment a focus on him and when he did he smiled. "I'm fine. Hi guys," he added when he noticed the rest of us. "You too, huh?" He said that looking at me.
            He stood, a little unsteady. "I take it we're all received out wishes." He walked to the kitchen and took a jug of orange juice from the fridge. He took a swallow before offering it to us. We passed so he finished it.
            "What happened to you?" Pat asked, he'd been fidgeting, trying to restrain the question while Harry drank.
            The jock stared in space for a moment before focusing on us again. "I got here after walking you home, closed the door, headed for my bedroom, but before I reached it I had a thought." He paused for a moment before looking at Pat. "And then I heard you whispering to me."
            "So you don't remember anything?" Jess asked.
            Harry shook his head.
            "I'm sorry," Pat told him.
            "Don't be. I'd rather be here and conscious than stuck in lala land, no matter what I might have known during that time."
            "What do we do now?" Jess asked as Pat hugged Harry.
            "That's easy," Mike said, "Harry uses his last wish to undo ours and get things back to normal.
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